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SAE’s Director of Content Acquisition Gives Behind- the- Scenes Look at EdgeTM Research Report Series

Posted: June 25, 2024

Monica Nogueira and her team first started the EdgeTM Research Report series with the goal to bring more awareness to what they describe as “unsettled issues in new mobility.” These cutting-edge topics primarily consist of emerging technologies within automation, connectivity, aerospace, electrification, and advanced manufacturing.

“Mainly, we want to look deeper into certain areas, which will be explored even more,” Monica said.

Since its inception five years ago, the EdgeTM series has produced over 145 technical reports, at a current rate of about 30 per year. Monica serves as the Head of Content Acquisition and Development, working closely alongside SAE’s Senior Managing Editor, William Kucinski, to deliver Edge’s content.

“William does deep editing for each of the manuscripts. The author of the EdgeTM Research Report interviews at least 6 SMEs, and once the manuscript is done—before it is submitted to us—the author asks these SMEs to review the material,” Monica said.

The topics covered in EdgeTM Research Reports are coined “cutting-edge” and not “bleeding-edge,” as authors discuss the latest subjects, but not to the point of abstract experimentation. 

Kelley Coyner of Innovation4Mobility has been a key partner in getting this series where it is today. As the author of multiple EdgeTM reports tackling topics in the automated vehicle space, Kelly has explored the unfolding environment around autonomy and gotten to know the team along the way.

“SAE’s publication team has been essential to guiding and managing the publication of our EdgeTM Research Report series from ideation to publication and promotion. Plus, their attentive editing has brought out the best in our writing, ensuring our research and ideas are thoughtfully demonstrated while posing key questions and telling great stories along the way. It is awesome to go from a kernel of an idea to holding the reports in your hand,” Kelley said.

This framework has garnered success for the EdgeTM series, specifically regarding educators and policymakers. In Monica’s words, this comes down to how the reports are written and the subjects they cover.

“What we’ve seen overall is that there is a continuum in how these subjects are discussed, and so readers can start understanding how the industry is developing things practically. For people in government, they don’t want to implement something that is not realistic. For students, we give them an understanding what the next challenge will be,” she said.

The EdgeTM series not only aims to tackle the latest issues, but topics that will have long-lasting implications for technological developments.

Plans for the future are already in motion with Edge’s new webinar, The Mobility Frontier, and the team continues to explore not only new topic areas, but the way in which information is shared.  

Aharon David, Co-founder & Partner at AFUZION-InfoSec, guested on this series in the past and found the experience rewarding.

“In a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, it is essential to connect and collaborate within our community. Participating as a guest speaker for The Mobility Frontier gave me the opportunity to share my research and experience, increase my professional visibility, and connect with industry professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences,” Aharon said.

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