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SAE International Honors the Class of 2022 SAE Fellows 

Posted: April 27, 2023

SAE recognized 14 SAE members with the highest distinction of SAE membership. 

The SAE Fellow Membership designation is awarded to an elite group of professionals in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace industries who have made a significant impact on mobility through leadership, research, publishing, innovation, and volunteering. 

This years distinguished class was recognized for their extraordinary leadership, creativity and accomplishments during the Fellows Reception and Dinner on April 17th, 2023, at the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit.  

Congratulations to the class of 2022 Fellows:


Mr. Fabio Bozza – Full Professor Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Naples Federico II  

Professor Bozza is recognized for his excellent technical contribution to the field of automotive internal combustion engines, with a specific mention of novel modeling methods for the analysis of combustion, turbulence, and knock. 

Dr. Wayne Cai – GM Technical Fellow, General Motors Global R&D Center  

Dr. Cai is recognized for his pioneering contributions in multi-physics simulations of various manufacturing processes in automotive applications, including ultrasonic welding of Li-ion batteries, that smartly solved real-world manufacturing problems using sciences and theories. 

Dr. Elana Chapman – Energy & Emissions Regulatory Technical Specialist, General Motors  

Dr. Chapman is recognized for pioneering achievements in fuel and engine co-development. This work culminated in the first bus demonstration of dimethyl ether fuel. Her work has guided the development of GM test fuels and correlations to improve engine calibrations resulting in less susceptibility to stochastic pre-ignition and lower particulate emissions. 

Mr. Michael Duoba – Research Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory  

Mr. Duoba is recognized for technical excellence in the development of several first-of-a-kind industry standards and accompanying rigorous testing methodologies for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) for over three decades and for the exhaustive testing of over 100 production and prototype conventional, HEV, EV, PHEV and alternative fuel vehicles ensuring open access to the resulting data. 

Dr. Don Hillebrand – Director of Vehicle Technologies, US Department of Energy  

Dr. Hillebrand is recognized for his exceptional leadership with the industry, national laboratories, the United States government, and as President of SAE International. His vision, passion, and selfless commitment have led to a notable impact on industry and policy and the betterment of society. 

Dr. Jianbo Lu – Director, Nikola Motor Corp  

Dr. Lu is recognized for providing technical excellence and leadership through pioneering research, development, and innovation in vehicle controls and automation, safety, and driver assistance technologies and their implementations in tens of millions of vehicles on the road. 

Dr. Simona Onori – Assistant Professor, Stanford University  

Dr. Simoni is recognized for her groundbreaking research on vehicle electrification, energy storage technologies, and advanced estimation in tailpipe exhaust emission devices. Her novel contributions changed the landscape of energy optimization in advanced powertrains and electrochemical energy storage characterization.

Dr. Andrea Strzelec – Associate Teaching Faculty & Associate Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison  

Dr. Strzelec is recognized for distinguished leadership and impact in advancing the understanding of fuel effects on combustion, particulates, and emissions controls; for exemplary service to and leadership within SAE; and for the development and leadership of well-recognized education programs for working engineers and executives. 

Dr. Tian Tian – Research Engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Dr. Tian is recognized for his technical contributions to the modeling, sensing, and analysis of lubrication, friction, and oil consumption of the power cylinder system in engines over several decades. His expertise has led to breakthroughs in the understanding and design of pistons, rings, and cylinder liners. 

Mr. Syed Wahiduzzaman – Senior Vice President, Gamma Technologies LLC  

Mr. Wahiduzzaman is recognized for his distinctive contributions to the transportation industry. As a co-creator of the GT-Suite, he has led the development of modeling of the engine and aftertreatment systems, fuel cells, and hybrids for over three decades. He has applied innovative approaches such as machine learning and tabulated chemistry to combustion and aftertreatment component modeling. 

Ms. Joan Wills – Executive Director – Electronics, Cummins Inc.  

Ms. Wills is recognized for repeated success in growing diverse, inclusive, winning technical teams in the areas of advanced controls and electronics while acting as an inspirational role model of technical excellence, innovation, and inclusion.

Mr. Mark Zachos – President, DG Technologies  

Mr. Zachos is recognized for his achievement in collaboration with SAE mobility experts on various aspects of vehicle network technology, including automotive electronics, developing OBD-II technical standards, making OBD-II products commercially available to support OEM vehicle validation to the new CARB regulations, cyber security protection, and high-speed wireless connection. 

Dr. Jay Zhou – Automotive Executive, Consultant, Speaker, and Lecturer on EV Reliability and AV Reliability, JHZ Strategic QA  

Dr. Zhou is recognized for exemplary leadership in developing Ford’s Global Quality Strategy and Systems. He has influenced thousands of engineers through his training and mentoring in quality, reliability, durability, and robust design methods. He is a long-term contributor to SAE as an Editor, Lecturer, Organizer, Author, and Speaker. 

Dr. Qian (Beth) Zou – Professor, Oakland University  

Dr. Zou is recognized for establishing herself as one of the leading researchers in the field of automotive tribology. Her research covers wear/scuffing behavior, surface/material characterization, and novel lubricants. Through sophisticated modeling and extensive experiment, her research addresses critical needs in improving the fuel economy of vehicles and the durability/reliability of automotive components. 


The 2023 Fellow nominations are open! Learn more about the qualifications needed to apply here. Deadline to nominate is July 1.