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Insight into COMVEC 2023 from Two Members of the Executive Council 

Posted: July 17, 2023

SAE International’s COMVEC™ is the hub for commercial vehicle innovation. 

COMVEC is the leading forum for experts in the on-highway, off-highway, and defense sectors to collaborate in a neutral environment to find advanced technical solutions and address standards that will help everyone stay ahead of new regulations. This year, COMVEC is heading to Schaumburg, Illinois and is setting its sights on the next frontier in innovation: sustainability. 

SAE’s Update Magazine connected with two COMVEC conference organizers; Phil Stephenson, general manager of PACCAR Technical Center, and Navtej Singh, director of powertrain engineering at Navistar, for their insights on the importance of this event and a glimpse of what to expect this September.  


How long have you been involved in COMVEC?  

Phil Stephenson (PS): I have been active as an attendee and Executive Council member since 2012. I previously attended the SAE Truck and Bus Conference, a predecessor to COMVEC. 

Navtej Singh (NS): I have been involved in COMVEC for more than six years as a member of the Executive Council. 


Why is COMVEC important for the industry? 

PS: COMVEC is an excellent opportunity for the commercial vehicle technical community to come together to discuss and debate the future needs for our industry, and to work together to define standards and best practices. 

NS: SAE COMVEC provides the platform that brings the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry, on-highway and off-highway, agriculture, and defense sectors together to review the challenges in the technology. This keeps participants connected to changes and innovations in the commercial vehicle industry, while they gain guidance on crucial regulatory issues and create powerful partnerships.  


What can people expect to learn at COMVEC? 

PS: COMVEC attendees can expect to hear from industry experts about future trends and challenges and technical approaches to address them. Topics can include everything from conventional and electrified powertrains, safety systems, autonomy, connectivity, aerodynamics, and much more.  

NS: People can expect to learn insight on advancements in powertrain diversification, electrification and charging strategies, connected digital engineering, and the future of commercial vehicle transportation. In addition, discussions around regulations and policies will enrich audience about upcoming challenges in commercial vehicle industry. People will have the opportunity to learn about updates from industry leaders such as Navistar, Inc., Cummins, Daimler, et al. 


Why is COMVEC different from other commercial vehicle industry events? 

PS: COMVEC is unique because it brings together companies and individuals working across the commercial vehicle space including on- and off- highway, agriculture, construction, and military. It features many panel discussions and keynote presentations which are simultaneously informal and informative.  

NS: COMVEC is the only event where heavy-duty commercial on-highway and off-highway, agriculture and defense companies come together to share ideas. 


Why should people attend COMVEC every year? 

PS: Our industry is evolving faster than ever as we race to improve efficiency, safety, and uptime. A lot can change in a year, so it is well worth a few days every year to stay up to date on trends, technology and to network with colleagues.  

NS: It is important to attend COMVEC as participants stay connected to changes and innovations in the commercial vehicle industry. In addition, Navistar encourages COMVEC as it provides industry to interact with graduates and new high school students to learn about the commercial vehicle industry. Attendance at COMVEC allows everyone to exchange their ideas and discuss the challenges ahead of the industry. 


Register today for COMVEC 2023, happening September 19-21 in Schaumburg, Illinois. For more information on the event, visit


Q&A was conducted by Pat Ponticel, Membership Editor Specialist, SAE Update. Check out the full July issue of SAE Update here