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SAE International Recognizes Dr. Robert Wagner with the SAE Medal of Honor

Posted: May 2, 2023

Forging your own path can be intimidating, but it can pay big dividends. Just ask Dr. Robert Wagner.

 SAE International conferred the SAE Medal of Honor to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director of Buildings and Transportation Science Division during the SAE Awards Ceremony on April 18, 2023. The award is presented annually and recognizes individuals who have dedicated their lives to supporting SAE’s mission of advancing mobility solutions for the benefit of humanity.

It’s a well-deserved recognition.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wagner founded, organized, or chaired more than 20 SAE International symposiums, panels, and conferences. His belief in the power of collaboration evolved into a passion for developing forums that provide a timely way to connect international transportation thought leaders from diverse disciplines across industry, academia, research laboratories and governments.

Within the transportation community, Dr. Wagner is known as a futurist for his ability to anticipate and predict emerging trends. This skill enabled him to identify topics of increasing importance and develop symposiums at critical times and in strategic locations. He consistently has been at the forefront of emerging trends and worked to ensure that SAE International is leading the global conversation on critical mobility challenges and opportunities.

“SAE International has been a constant throughout my career [as] a key to my professional development as a researcher, mentor, and leader. It has served as a catalyst for many impactful collaborations,” said Wagner. “Simply put, I never would have made it to this point in my career, learned so much, and met so many amazing people without SAE.”

Dr. Wagner is an SAE Fellow, two-time winner of the SAE International Forest R. McFarland Award, and a recipient of the SAE International Leadership Citation. In 2019, Dr. Wagner was recognized in the Inaugural SAE Top Contributor Class based on his volunteer and engagement contributions. He has co-authored 40 SAE publications, presented 14 invited talks at SAE International events, and served on multiple committees and the editorial board of the SAE International Journal of Engines.

Congratulations to Dr. Wagner and all the 2023 SAE Award winners.


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