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SAE’s Marc LeDuc Shares the Value of Publishing with SAE

Posted: May 21, 2024

Marc LeDuc has two teenage sons who are new drivers on the road, and a passion for ensuring minimum safety systems are standard across the vehicles they drive.

The SAE International Content Development Manager, Engineering Events, took that enthusiasm, asked himself what he could do to make the next generation of vehicles the safest, and applied that mentality to his role. 

Through his work, Marc looks across the entirety of the mobility spectrum to determine where technology is advancing and develops engineering conferences with programming designed to help professionals problem solve tomorrow’s technical issues today.

His job would not be possible without the contributions of SAE volunteers sharing their time and talent by publishing with SAE and joining event organizing committees. SAE is at the forefront of mobility advancement, and these contributors can impact the future direction of technology and mobility.

Publishing with SAE opens new opportunities such as speaking at one or more of SAE’s engineering events.

“It’s a chance to not only educate but be educated. It's the critical networking and connection to the industry, thought leadership around technology, regulatory or consumer issues,” said Marc. “You get feedback from an audience of other subject matter experts to then continue to advance your own thinking, but also advance the thinking of the industry.”

Marc sees great value in the opportunity to showcase your thought leadership individually and on your organization's behalf through publishing with SAE. SAE’s engineering events offer the critical exchange of knowledge and opportunity to defend your technical paper that other publishers can’t offer.

“If we’re going to advance society to drive safer vehicles or lower carbon vehicles and you have the subject matter expertise and the ability to do it, [ask yourself] if not you, then who?” he said.

SAE also offers non-event technical papers as an opportunity to publish original work outside of a specific events production timeline.

Showcase your expertise and become a leader in mobility with SAE. By publishing with SAE, you can help Marc make sure we all get home safe.

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