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Mentor Spotlight: Paul E. Jacobs, Environmental Compliance Consultant

Posted: January 31, 2022

Throughout the month of January, we’re recognizing members of our SAE Mentor community who share their experience and expertise with young professionals and engineering students as they shape the future of mobility.

In the early 1980s, a young Paul Jacobs was researching automotive emissions at UC Berkeley when he first encountered SAE International. His interest piqued, Jacobs quickly got involved with the organization, soon becoming a member, recruiting others to join him, publishing papers of his own, and eventually joining the SAE J1667 standards committee.

Throughout his storied career, Jacobs has had the opportunity to do some incredible work, even earning the SAE Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award with his team at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2008 for their work on diesel engine emissions compliance training programs conducted by select California community colleges. And in addition to working to protect the planet, he’s also found ways to give back to its inhabitants as a mentor with SAE.

“Throughout my 40-year career, I always had a calling to ‘give back’ by mentoring others,” Jacobs said. “I had many mentors over the years at the university level and in the workplace. This instilled in me the desire to make a difference in the lives are others.”

In addition to his outreach to young professionals through SAE, Jacobs also serves as an alumni mentor for Berkeley students, and offers himself as a resource to those at his workplace. He also mentioned his LinkedIn profile as a way for potential mentees to get in touch. He’s currently working with mentees from around the world, with some located in the UK and Sweden.

“These are very rewarding experiences as these mentees are our future and will be the leaders solving our problems with air pollution and climate change,” he said.