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Oghenemarho (Marho) Andrew Egbe – Automotive Engineering Master’s Student, University of Windsor (left) | Mark Donaldson – Founder & CEO, Quantuity Analytics Inc. (right)


Guiding Emerging Mobility Leaders Through Mentorship: Oghenemarho (Marho) Andrew Egbe & Mark Donaldson

Posted: January 11, 2024

Join SAE as we celebrate Mentor Month this January with stories of seasoned professionals giving their time to foster the next generation of engineering innovators.


When Oghenemarho (Marho) Andrew Egbe came across the SAE International LinkedIn page he figured what better place to start for his post-collegiate outlook.

Marho discovered a vibrant community and valuable resources for the automotive engineering field. Intrigued by the prospect of connecting with professionals and staying up to date with the latest industry developments, he decided to explore SAE further. That's when he discovered SAE's Mentoring Program. 

Pursuing his Masters in Engineering at the University of Windsor, there are a plethora similar mentorship programs available to him, so what led him to choose SAE's Mentoring program?

“SAE's unique focus on the automotive engineering industry, coupled with its extensive network, provided a tailored mentoring experience that directly aligned with my aspirations and academic pursuits,” Marho said.

Mark Donaldson is an industry professional, ready to give back. As founder and CEO of Quantuity Analytics Inc., Mark feels he's reached the pinnacle of his career trajectory and has the desire to help students in academia pursue meaningful careers in the automobility sector.

“I signed up for the SAE Mentor Program to give back to the automotive and automobility community of professionals, students, and engineers, or anyone affiliated with the mobility sector in general. These resources weren't available to me during my early career so it is a way for me to give back to those that could benefit from my participation and contribution as a mentor,” Mark said.

Together this duo set clear goals to help Marho gain the skills needed to secure a job in the AI automobility Sector for edge AI computing. Marho shared that their mentoring connection was not only rewarding but transformative.

“Our regular Friday meetings became a cornerstone of my personal and professional development. Mark, drawing from his rich journey and personal experiences, shared invaluable insights that transcended the typical mentor-mentee relationship. Our discussions delved into the rapidly evolving technologies within the automotive industry, particularly in areas like AI and machine learning. Mark's insights into these topics not only broadened my understanding but also sparked a curiosity that has driven me to stay updated on industry trends," Marho said. "The main goal of our mentorship connection was to teach me ways to strategically approach my job search and professional journey. I not only gained a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning but also applied these principles to enhance my academic performance, streamline my professional endeavors, and cultivate a proactive mindset.”

However, Marho wasn’t the only one to come out with new skills or knowledge, Mark did some learning as well.

“A significant learning moment for both myself and my mentee was the current challenges of working in his desired field in the automobility industry. I encouraged my mentee first to get in the door and then look for opportunities afterward," Mark said. "I also encouraged my mentee to pursue the hardest and most high-value challenges the automotive industry is looking to solve. This would further guarantee a high rate of success in landing a great job that pays well for a long-term opportunity with a high barrier to competition. As the mentor in the relationship, I learned about the academic opportunities and areas of research currently being offered to students pursuing graduate studies in the automobility industry, especially around artificial intelligence and edge AI in-vehicle.”

Marho believes that this mentoring relationship has catalyzed both personal and professional growth.

“On a personal level, I've developed a heightened sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement. Professionally, I've experienced growth in critical areas such as project management, technological proficiency, and adaptability," Marho said. "The mentorship has not only accelerated my learning curve but has also fostered a mindset of continuous improvement, setting the foundation for sustained growth throughout my career in automotive engineering.”

The SAE Mentor Program allows you to find, connect, and share experiences with mentors and mentees locally or from around the world. Learn how you can get involved here.