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Moises Barbancho Duque (left) & Dr. Jay Zhou (right)

Guiding Emerging Mobility Leaders Through Mentorship: Dr. Jay Zhou & Moises Barbancho Duque

Posted: January 25, 2024
Join SAE as we celebrate Mentor Month throughout January with stories of seasoned professionals giving their time to develop the next generation of engineering innovators.


For Moises Barbancho Duque, Data Analyst Manager, Schindler Elevator Systems/ZLC-MIT, the SAE Mentoring Program was an obvious first step in starting his career in the automotive industry.

His interest and enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles led him to Dr. Zhou.

Dr. Jay Zhou, CTO, JHZ Strategic QA, is no stranger to SAE International. As a member for the past 20 years, Dr. Zhou has served as a mentor, fellow, industrial lecturer, section speaker and so much more.

“Throughout the years, SAE has proven instrumental not only in broadening my professional network but also in honing my leadership skills,” Dr. Zhou said. “I am appreciative of the opportunities SAE has afforded me, and I am eager to reciprocate by giving back to the community.”

Dr. Zhou’s professional journey has been shaped by the support and mentorship of many individuals, and he credits SAE as having a pivotal role in expanding his professional network. Over the years, Dr. Zhou has engaged in eight mentoring relationships, most recently forging a special connection with Moises because of their shared enthusiasm for the automotive industry and self-driving vehicles.

“As a mentor, [I find] the most impactful aspect of mentoring lies in cultivating my feedback and critical thinking skills. Particularly, I find great value in the moments when I analyzed Moises’ goals and prepared constructive feedback,” Dr. Zhou said. “This process not only benefited Moises in his development but also contributed significantly to the enhancement of my leadership skills.”

From the mentee perspective, Moises believes the skills he learned from Dr. Zhou will have a great impact on his future goals.

“My mentor helped me open my mind with other companies, as well as advised me in soft skills that are a key point to being a good professional,” he said.

The SAE Mentor Program allows you to find, connect, and share experiences with mentors and mentees locally or from around the world. Learn how you can get involved here.