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SAE Has Released AMS7032 on Machine Qualification for Fusion-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing: Why You Should Care

Posted: December 2, 2022

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) machine qualification requirements are process intensive—and until the release of AMS7032, standardized requirements for qualification of a metal AM machine in the aircraft industry didn’t exist.

SAE International’s AMS AM Additive Manufacturing Metals Committee designed AMS7032 as an ideal starting point for a metal AM machine user who’s just getting started in AM for aviation. The standard includes guidance notes added for the benefit of the unexperienced user, while doubling as an ideal go-to resource for those more experienced users who need a standardized requirement to point to.

So—why should you care about AMS7032?

  • Referenced by Specs. AMS7032 will be referenced by the relevant AMS process specs as the requirements for machine qualification.
  • Requirements for Qualifying. This standard provides the requirements for qualifying a metal, fusion-based AM machine for aerospace.
  • Regulatory Compliance. AM part producers who need to qualify their machines for production will benefit from AMS7032, allowing them to measure up to regulatory bodies who need to confirm compliance with machine qualification requirements.
  • Standardization for Labs. R&D laboratories who need to have qualified machines to produce meaningful data points for aerospace will benefit from this standardization.

If your organization is a direct producer of aerospace-grade parts or responsible for overseeing their production, AMS7032 is a document you won’t want to live without.

Check out a preview of AMS7032 and get your copy today.