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SAE Sustainable Mobility Solutions and InnoEnergy launched the SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Academy at WCX 

Posted: April 21, 2023

Transitioning to a more sustainable future starts with our workforce—and SAE International is taking that message to heart.  

Michael Paras, Business Development, Product & Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Mobility Solutions (SMS) at SAE International and Oanu Penu, InnoEnergy Skills Institute Director, at InnoEnergy announced the launch of the SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Academy during SAE’s WCX.  

The Battery Academy features 22 on-demand courses and 85 learning modules that provide the ultimate training solution for professionals looking to excel in the field of e-mobility and prepare for the electric future.  

“With the world transitioning to a more sustainable future, our program provides critical knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the curve and seize emerging opportunities. Unlike other training programs, we offer a unique cross-sector structure that covers all aspects of advanced battery and energy system technologies,” said the SMS team. “Our goal is to equip our leaners with a full understanding of these technologies so that they can succeed in the global transition to clean transportation.” 

The comprehensive program offers more than 200 CEU-qualified hours covering theoretical, technical, and application-based knowledge on battery fundamentals, grid and utility energy storage, EV batteries, battery management systems, and cybersecurity and energy data.  

“Make us part of your solution to the future workforce into the battery industry,” said Penu. 

Learn more about the Battery Academy and SAE’s Sustainable Mobility Solutions here