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SAE International Recognizes the Class of 2023 SAE Fellows

Posted: May 7, 2024

SAE International honored 25 SAE members with the highest grade of SAE membership.

Established in 1975, the Fellow grade membership recognizes and honors long-term members who have made a significant impact on society's mobility technology through leadership, research, and innovation.

This year class was honored during the Fellows Reception on April 15, 2024, at the Westin Book Cadillac ahead of WCX.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Fellows:


Dr. Homayoun “Holmes” Ahari, Technical Fellow, Emissions at Stellantis

Nominated by: Dr. Krishna Kamasamudram

Dr. Ahari is recognized for outstanding technical leadership to the mobility industry through research, discovery, development, design and optimization and deployment of robust diesel aftertreatment catalyst systems for eliminating the release of nitrogen oxide pollutant and nitrous oxide GHG into the environment and thereby crucially contributing to the broader real-world air quality improvement.

Dr. William Cai, Professor at Harbin University of Science and Technology

Nominated By: Mr. Faquan Zhao

Dr. Wei  (William) CAI  is recognized for his excellent contributions through his pioneering research, the technical innovation of high-performance e-motors for electric vehicles, the leadership in promoting the development of automotive e-drive technologies, and the great contribution to plan and hold SAE engineering forums and technical conferences related to vehicle electrification.

Dr. Scott Curran, Group Leader and Senior R&D Staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nominated By: Dr. Steven Przesmitzki

Dr. Scott Curran is recognized for distinguished contributions advancing real-world advanced combustion strategies, alternative fuels utilization and next generation advanced vehicle technologies for a more sustainable mobility future, as well as for exemplary service and dedication to the mission of SAE through technical committee, symposia, awards committee leadership and mentorship.

Dr. Thomas Durbin, Research Faculty at the University of California at Riverside, CE-CERT

Nominated By: Dr. James E. Parks II

Dr. Thomas D. Durbin is recognized for excellence in the measurement and characterization of real-world emissions from on-road and off-road vehicles that created transformational knowledge, enabled major reductions in mobile emissions, and provided impact to mobile source emission inventories, adoption of alternative and renewable fuels, inspection and maintenance programs, and regulatory policies.

Mr. Tim Felke, Engineering Fellow at ActiveLearningLabs

Nominated by: Mr. Steven W. Holland

Tim Felke is a recognized expert and established leader in the development of systems supporting the maintenance and operation of commercial and military aircraft via comprehensive fault models and on-board diagnostic systems. The impact of his technical achievements and 10 IVHM-related patents led to the founding of the SAE-ITC HRCS.

Dr. Uwe-Dieter Grebe, Executive Vice President at AVL LIST GmbH

Nominated by: Mr. Paul Najt

Dr. Grebe is recognized for his leadership role at GM, Uwe was foundational to the development of gasoline direct-injection, variable value actuation, turbocharging and emerging technologies like HCCI.  As Executive VP at AVL, Uwe has helped industry leaders address emerging challenges through contracted studies, scientific boards, and technical conferences such as the SAE NAIPC.

Dr. Charles Huang, CEO at Newrizon Inc.

Nominated by: Jun Xin

Dr. Huang is re recognized as a technical and business leader in the global renewable-energy vehicle industry. He led the team and developed the propulsion technologies for fuel-cell and battery-electric vehicles, making pioneering contributions to the technological advances in dual-loop thermal systems, swappable battery packs, and the world's first joint induction motor and permanent magnetic motor drivetrain. Further, Dr. Huang founded Newrizon Technology Company in China in 2020, striving to develop and implement leading electric trucks and vans through innovative products and new business models.

Mr. Rifat Keribar, Senior Vice President at Gamma Technologies

Nominated by: Kevin L Hoag

Dr. Keribar is recognized for his revolutionary vision and pursuit of an integrated multi-physics CAE tool for modeling of vehicles, engines and indeed any machinery, resulting in an advanced simulation software that has touched the professional lives of a generation of CAE engineers.

Dr. Alireza Khaligh, Professor and Director at University of Maryland, Maryland Power Electronics Laboratory

Nominated by: Ali Emadi

Dr. Khaligh is recognized for his achievements, contributions, and distinguished leadership in the field of electrified transportation systems, impacting the advancement of power conversion systems, in particular landscape of integrated charging systems for electric vehicles through his technical contributions and service to the field of transportation electrification.

Dr. Sanghoon Kook, Professor at the University of New South Wales

Nominated by: Dr. Lyle Pickett

Prof. Sanghoon Kook is recognized for advancing internal combustion engine research within Australia and throughout the world. His optical and sampling diagnostics have provided the industry new understanding for clean and efficient combustion using liquid fuels, as well as direct-injection sustainable hydrogen combustion with worldwide acclaim.

Mr. Y. Charles Lu, Professor at the University of Kentucky

Nominated by: Dr. Yucheng Liu

Mr. Lu is recognized for his extraordinary achievements in the field of composites and advanced materials through pioneering research and innovation as well as his broad contributions to engineering education in the mobility industry.

Mr. Todd Mackintosh, Battery Systems Technical Specialist at General Motors

Nominated by: Mr. Robert L. Galyen

Mr. Mackintosh is recognized as a global leader in lithium battery standards and technology development for emergency responders, recycling, and dangerous goods regulations.  Through his efforts at GM as a Battery Systems Technical Specialist provided contributions for xEV global standards development through recognized organizations such as SAE, USABC and ISO. These efforts have earned him roles in several domestic and international organizations at the expert level.

Mrs. Jennifer Russert Morrison, Automotive Safety Engineer at Mazda

Nominated by: Mr. Michael G. Cummins, PE, FESD

Mrs. Morrison's is recognized for her unrelenting automotive passion, national program/policy accomplishments and service in SAE in leadership positions where she clearly exemplifies SAE’s Mission and Vision for vehicle and highway safety and acts as a role model for others.  She is the source and prime catalyst for the many improved safety standards, procedures and innovations that are now fully embraced throughout government and industry. 

Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura, Chief Technology Officer at HORIBA, Ltd.

Nominated by: Yasuo Moriyoshi

Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura is recognized for bringing drastic innovation to portable emissions measurement systems and changed the procedure of emissions certification from laboratory to on-road. It was his global leadership that enabled the production of flagship emissions measurement systems. He also contributes to educating young engineers at Doshisha University as a guest professor.

Dr. Angelo Onorati, Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Energy

Nominated by: Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni

Dr. Angelo Onorati is recognized for his impact and leadership in 1D/CFD models for IC engines are considerable.  Associate Editor of the SAE Int. Journal of Engines, Lloyd L. Withrow SAE award (2011), organizer of 0D/1D modeling session for WCX, Capri ICE and Stuttgart SAE congresses. 80 SAE papers and one SAE book.

Mr. David Piotrowski, Senior Principal Engineer at Delta Air Lines Inc.

Nominated by: Ravi Rajamani

Mr. David Piotrowski is recognized for his extraordinary career in NDT and Health Management spearheading Delta’s industry-leading technical processes and his leadership within SAE and MPIG. His technical abilities, interpersonal skills, and tenacity are demonstrated by his success in certifying SHM applications and advocating for innovative, data-driven, asset specific maintenance programs.

Dr. Christopher Powell, Principal Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

Nominated by: Dr. Riccardo Scarcelli

Dr. Powell is Recognized for his extraordinary technical contribution to fuel injection and automotive engineering. Dr. Powell is one of the inventors of synchrotron X-ray diagnostics for fuel injection research and has developed innovative techniques that have produced unique datasets used by several fuel system developers as well as by computational modelers around the world. Dr Powell’s research has led to several important discoveries in the field of fuel injection. Dr. Powell has enormously contributed to the SAE mission as author of many SAE conference and journal papers, as a panel moderator, track chair, and paper reviewer.

Dr. Robert Prucka, Professor at Clemson University

Nominated by: Dr. John R. Wagner, PhD, PE

Professor Prucka is recognized for his significant contributions to automotive engineering through education-focused collegiate prototype vehicle design-manufacture projects and sustained research contributions regarding advanced engine control. His accomplishments have benefited society through the education of future automobile engineers, with advanced technology demonstration vehicles, and scholarly publications on innovative engine technology.

Mr. Christopher Sharp, Institute Engineer at Southwest Research Institute

Nominated by: James E. McCarthy, Jr.

Mr. Sharp is recognized for reducing vehicle emissions & GHG by innovating across the vehicle powertrain including engine development (controls), aftertreatment systems (catalyst architecture, DAAAC aging), and improvement measurement methodology, using conventional and alternative of fuels providing data driven evidence that helped shape future regulations that are now the most stringent in the world.

Mr. Robert Stein, Mechanical Engineer at Stein Engine Consulting, LLC

Nominated by: Mr. Brian West

Mr. Stein is recognized for his industry-guiding contributions to multiple patents and product launches using variable cam phasing to improve fuel economy and performance, for groundbreaking research and publications on high-octane fuels that influenced major engine and fuel research programs, and for mentoring numerous industry-leading engineers.

Mr. Daniel Styles, P.E., Group Leader – Powertrain Engineering at Ford Motor Company

Nominated by: Mr. Scott Sluder, P.E.

Mr. Styles is recognized for developing innovative powertrain technologies and methodologies to reduce EGR system fouling, improve boosting, combustion, and after-treatment effectiveness leading up to the introduction of the 2011 Ford 6.7-liter diesel engine and delivering advancements needed to meet evolving emissions standards while also delivering high quality and value.

Mr. Andrew Wallington, Boeing Enterprise Safety and Mission Assurance at The Boeing Company

Nominated by: Robert Voros

Mr. Wallington is recognized for his technical expertise in aircraft certification and airworthiness. His work in development assurance and system safety has been fundamental in the development of both the SAE ARP4754 and ARP4761 document revisions and in Boeing processes, design practices, and training materials.

Dr. Qigui Wang, Technical Fellow at General Motors

Nominated by: Dr. Alan Luo

Dr. Wang is recognized for his outstanding contributions to vehicle lightweighting, durability, and robust virtual product development by researching, innovating, and implementing advanced light metal casting technologies, multi-scale material property modeling, and Virtual Cast Component Development (VCCD) computational tools.

Dr. Yu Zhang, Cummins EBU Combustion Architect at Cummins

Nominated by Dr. Sibendu Som

Dr. Yu Zhang is recognized for technical accomplishments in applying in-depth fundamental combustion knowledge and utilizing high fidelity analytical tools to develop tailored engine system performance architectures for advanced engine combustion technologies. He has made major contributions to advancing the understanding of the autoignition chemistry of emerging transportation fuels.

Dr. Zheng Xu , Director, Powertrain Analysis and Test at SAIC Motor R&D Innovation Headquarters

Nominated by: LiGuang Li

Dr. XU is recognized for his technical excellence and significant contributions in advancement of GDI engine technology, through pioneering model-based combustion methodology development, innovative design of combustion system and cold start strategy, and successful implementations in millions of engines. Furthermore, he displayed distinguished leadership in growing teams, serving powertrain community and SAE International


The 2024 Fellow nominations are open! Learn more about the qualifications needed to apply here. Deadline to nominate is July 1.