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SAE Recognizes Black History Month

Posted: February 6, 2024

SAE International is built on the contributions of mobility professionals, and our ability to innovate through the years is thanks to a diverse group of contributors. As the United States celebrates Black History Month and celebrates the achievements by African Americans for their role in U.S. history, we’re recognizing excellence and celebrating Black voices in mobility.

Join us in revisiting some of our favorite conversations with modern mobility leaders with the links below.


SAE Blog

Thinking Forward: Former SAE President Andrew Brown Jr. Shares Insights from His Prolific Career - In this interview with Dr. Andrew Brown Jr., we discuss the history of coming up in industry as a Black engineer and how we can pave the way for bright young folks joining industry today.

Howard University’s Nadir Yilmaz talks publishing, representation in mobility engineering with SAE International - SAE Author and Howard University professor Nadir Yilmaz joined us for Black History Month 2023 to talk about publishing technical knowledge and helping diverse voices rise to the top.

Representation Matters: N.C. A&T and SAE talk Collegiate Design Series, HBCUs and Pathways to Success - The future of mobility shares their voice in our profile of HBCU University Program participants at North Carolina A&T State University, and how SAE and Industry can create stronger pathways for students coming from HBCUs.


SAE Tomorrow Today

Episode 149 - Improved EV Charging Meets a More Equitable Workforce - A conversation with with ChargerHelp! founders Kameale C. Terry, Chief Executive Officer, and Evette Ellis, Chief Workforce Officer, and Frank Menchaca, President, SAE Sustainable Mobility Solutions, to learn how ChargerHelp! is bridging the gap between technology, policy, and workforce development to support mass EV adoption and arm individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the new green economy.

Episode 82 - Creating Equity in Mobility: The Future of Cities with the NYU McSilver Institute - Henry L. Greenidge, Esq., Fellow-in-Residence at the NYU McSilver Institute, discusses the future of mobility in cities, talking challenges on the streets of New York City, how tech innovations and policy can work together, the importance of community engagement and outreach, and how to achieve equitable mobility for all through community collaboration.


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