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SAE Showcase: Think you know SAE? Think again. 

Posted: January 25, 2022




Like any good organization, SAE International has a core mission driving all we do: to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

But what does that really mean?

We’re taking a look at who SAE International is and how we can help you during the SAE Showcase Feb. 1-2. This free online event offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from SAE leaders on their plans to facilitate innovation through new projects and initiatives in 2022.

It starts with collaboration, as SAE convenes mobility experts in both aerospace and automotive domains from around the world, developing the industry-defining standards that professionals around the globe know us for.

The charging port for your electric vehicle? SAE regulated. The safety restraints on your flight across the country? We had a hand in that too. And the self-driving cars of the future that may be your main mode of transportation a few years down the road? We’ve laid out the groundwork through our much-touted Levels of Automation and are already working on the next solutions.

You might think our work ends there—but think again.

“SAE International sets the world’s leading standards for safe and accessible mobility solutions, but we are so much more than just a standards organization,” said Raman Venkates​h, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SAE International. “Our vast pool of engaged volunteers and subject matter experts represents some of the best and brightest in the industry, and they are guiding the development of new technologies and helping SAE shape the future of mobility.  In addition to best-in-class standards, SAE drives innovation through the professional development opportunities we provide, and through courses, events, and publications that allow mobility professionals to stay at the cutting edge of the industry’s evolution.”

A passionate base of engineers, executives, and other professionals at various stages of their careers make the work that SAE is doing possible. We take our cues from the industry and observe the needs professionals have to craft the solutions that help us move forward. Recently, that’s taken shape in one of our newest initiatives, SAE’s Office of Sustainable Energy—a strategic advisory group made up of leaders from around the world who are spearheading the charge to make the transition to electrification seamless.

In 2021, SAE began a fact-finding investigation into sustainable energy solutions in response to the Biden administration’s infrastructure proposal to focus on federal funding of charging infrastructure and other initiatives focused on EVs. SAE’s unique position as a leader in standards development and existing body of over 100 ground vehicle electrification standards that serve a multitude of OEMs positioned SAE as a leader in this industry-wide drive toward sustainability.  

“We’re a neutral organization. We don’t take sides; we don’t promulgate any one technology over another. What we are all about is enabling engineers to articulate a common path towards safety and scale. And so that’s really what [we’re doing] with this Office of [Sustainable] Energy,” said Frank Menchaca, Chief Growth Officer of SAE International. “SAE has always been about enabling technology to serve people, and so we really want to make sure that we’re telling that story.”

And that’s only the beginning of a story that focuses on what SAE can do for you.  At SAE Showcase, we’ll focus on telling that story, with SAE staff and executives on hand to illuminate all the exciting things happening at SAE, and SAE members to share how their involvement with us has allowed them to grow.

Register here to join us Feb. 1-2 for this free look at what’s next for mobility, and how SAE is at the center of it all.