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SAE Member and Author Pranab Saha named Gold Medal Winner of IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Acoustic Materials

Posted: June 30, 2022

Earlier this month, SAE International announced that the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) awarded SAE author and member Dr. Pranab Saha the Gold Medal Award in the 34th annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program’s Professional Reference category for his book Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise.

Dr. Saha, a global authority on automotive noise, body interior systems and sound package materials, earned recognition in the IBPA competition in a pool of 1,900 entries. As we celebrate Dr. Saha’s well-deserved recognition, we want to help you get to know the man behind the award-winning book.


This isn’t his first award win.

You don’t get a global reputation for excellence in your field without picking up a few acknowledgements along the way. Notably, Dr. Saha has earned the SAE Ralph K. Hillquist NVH Lifetime Achievement Award, the SAE Medal of Honor, and the ESD Gold Award.


He’s a prolific author and contributor to SAE.

Dr. Saha has a collection of writing he’s produced for SAE to further knowledge around vehicle noise and vibration and has been involved with SAE for most of his career. In a 2021 interview with SAE, Dr. Saha said, “While working in the automotive NVH area since 1978, I wanted to get involved with SAE, the leading professional society in the mobility industry, because of the opportunity to develop, collect and distribute technical information in the Ground Vehicle Sector (Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industries).” We’d say he’s accomplished that!  


He's passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Not only is Dr. Saha a great writer, he’s also a wonderful speaker! We’ve been proud to feature Dr. Saha as a keynote speaker at the Noise and Vibration conference and a guest on our Move With Mobilus webinar series. He’s also a course instructor for the Acoustic Fundamentals for Solving Noise and Vibration Problems seminar.


He knows the value of connection and being involved.

When talking about his storied career, Dr. Saha mentions the networking opportunities and the friendships his membership with SAE provided. In addressing the future generation of engineers, he had this to say: “To young professionals in the industry, become a member of the organization if you are not already.  Get involved and become an active participant.  You can make sure that SAE serves the industry properly and you can make a change.”