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Stay Up to Speed on Thermal Systems Technologies and Management with the 2023 TMSS Keynote Speakers

Posted: August 1, 2023

The efficiency of thermal systems technologies is critical to the advancement of vehicle performance and were addressing this topic at SAE International’s Thermal Management Systems Symposium (TMSS).

Happening October 3-4, TMSS provides attendees the opportunity to address the most challenging thermal systems technology questions with industry’s leading experts.

Dr. Rongrong (Roy) Zhang, Vice President, Sanhua Automotive and CTO of Sanhua R&D Center, and Patrick Kaufman, Global Powertrain Engineering Leader, Accelera by Cummins are kicking off these conversations at the 2023 symposium as keynote speakers.

Both, with nearly 20 years of independent industry experience, add to this year’s strong speaker lineup. As we’re gearing up for TMSS, the SAE blog got a glimpse into their upcoming keynote presentations and their thoughts on where the industry needs to improve.

 Dr. Zhang’s opening keynote titled “Make the Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System More Integrated and Intelligent” will focus on ease of design implementation and efficient use of these systems.

Kaufman’s keynote titled “Unique Thermal Management Challenges for Fuel Cell Vehicles” will address what aspects of thermal management impact the vehicles performance and where the industry can help improve the technology to promote faster adoption.

As we look into the future of thermal management systems technology, there are some specific advancements industry needs to focus in on.

“The industry needs to improve the efficiency of thermal management devices and reduce their cost. Their needs to be advancement in pumps and fans, low restriction and high flow valves and active strategies that require smart devices to manage temperature and flow of various cooling medias,” said Kaufman. “All the while, adapting to ever increasing supply Voltages of 800V DC and higher.”

Both industry experts emphasized the importance of thermal management efficiency for the future of vehicle performance. Dr. Zhang specifically wishes for thermal management to be more efficient, more intelligent, and more convenient to use. 

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