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Dr. Sven Beiker to lead AV capabilities panel at Autonomous Technologies Summit

Posted: November 1, 2021

Automated vehicles are closer than ever to wide commercial availability, but we’ve only just begun to explore all their capabilities. With advances in technology including LiDAR, radar and camera sensor updates, it’s time to start thinking about all the ways these vehicles can potentially benefit our communities in addition to the reduced accident risk, improved traffic flow, and lower transportation costs that we’ve already seen.

During Fierce Electronics’ virtual Autonomous Technologies Summit, this November 8-9, Sven Beiker, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility and External Advisor for SAE International, will lead the conversation assessing the full potential of autonomous vehicles on behalf of SAE International.

“There are so many great questions around autonomy to still be answered,” Dr. Beiker said. “Exploring the next generation of automation—not only in terms of the developing technology, but also its impacts on society—is really what transportation is all about. I’m looking forward to digging into it with some of mobility’s key players.”

Dr. Beiker will serve as moderator for a discussion with panelists Bert Kaufman, Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at Zoox; Rini Sherony, Sr. Prinicpal Engineer at Toyota Motor North America (TMNA); and Michael Bucala, Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineert at Daimler during the event’s opening session, “Past the Threshold: Assessing the Full Potential of Autonomous Vehicles.”

The session begins at 11 a.m. and is free to all participants. Register for the Autonomous Technologies Summit here.