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Meet 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend Winner Bradley Griffin

Posted: August 22, 2023

Bradley Griffin considers his involvement in his university’s Baja SAE team the pinnacle of his engineering education.

Growing up with a heavy automotive influence from his father, Griffin developed a passion for mechanical engineering with a focus on designing and manufacturing automotive components. This interest grew when he worked at a machine shop owned by a Georgia Institute of Technology alumnus who told him about the valuable experience, he gained through the various SAE teams that the university offered.

As a senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology and an active member of their Off-Road Baja SAE team, Griffin has learned a lot about the engineering industry and built relationships within the engineering community.

“Many of my opportunities would not be possible without the organization of the SAE competitions,” Griffin said. “The involvement in a community of people that share my passion for mechanical and automotive engineering has helped me to become a better engineer.”

When he first joined his Baja team, he was charged with designing the rear hubs for the 2023 Baja vehicle which contributed to the team’s success during the competition this past May.

“SAE International Baja competitions have given my team and I constant motivation to create the best off-road vehicle that we can. The clear goal of performing the best that we can at the SAE competitions has allowed me to really understand what it means to be a part of the team,” Griffin said. “The ability to be part of an organization that focuses on automotive engineering with hands-on experience and real-world knowledge has given me a space to apply what’s learned in the classroom.”

Griffin hopes to share what he’s learned and his passion for the STEM field with the next generation of innovators.

“I would love to be able to inspire the next generation. Being exposed to real-world applications of engineering from a young age really set me on a path to pursue a mechanical engineering degree. The ability to surround myself with teachers that were passionate about math and science before I got to college also made me develop my drive for the STEM field,” he said.

Griffin was selected as one of SAE’s 2023 Spring Textbook Stipend winners. Recipients of the textbook stipend receive $1000 to help with the cost of textbooks.

Congratulations, Bradley! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish.