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UNLV Students Pay it Forward to the Next Generation of STEM Learners through SAE’s LearnTwice™

Posted: August 15, 2023

Watching someone find their passion is rewarding, but being a part of that process is invaluable.

During their spring semester, students from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Formula Electric team volunteered in five Paradise Elementary School classrooms through SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program and got to be a part of these young learners’ STEM journeys.

LearnTwice provides university students with a unique opportunity to inspire young learners participating in SAE’s A World In Motion® (AWIM®) STEM education programming. Through this program, SAE provides university participants with the resources and training to support the implementation of AWIM in a local elementary or middle school classroom. This experience gives university students preparing to enter the workforce a chance to share their knowledge and encourage curiosity with the next generation.

With guidance from university students and teachers, the elementary students got to learn various STEM concepts through hands-on activities while working together as a team. The elementary school students favored the AWIM Skimmer Challenge where students design and build fan propelled sailboat-like vehicles and see which skimmers travel the farthest across a flat surface.

“Through this experience, I began to wish that I had something like AWIM growing up. Many of the kids had not yet had the chance to learn about physics or engineering and programming principles; however, after working closely with the kids it because clear that AWIM was showing them a new world of learning that they had not yet had a chance to explore,” said Addison Cobb, mechanical systems officer of the UNLV Formula Electric team. “When students get excited, ask us to come back, or want a few more minutes with the activities, AWIM’s impact and effectiveness becomes clear.”

The implementation of this AWIM programming at Paradise Elementary School was funded by Tesla, as part of their $1.5 million investment to support AWIM in Nevada. Through this collaboration, Telsa plans to continue to engage university students from the University of Nevada, Las Vagas and the University of Nevada, Reno through SAE’s LearnTwice program.

Volunteers make a difference. Learn more about how you can inspire the next generation through SAE’s AWIM program.