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Volunteer Recognition Month: Michele Kaiser

Posted: June 6, 2023

As the portfolio manager of John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, Michele Kaiser believes it is essential to give back to the mobility industry.

“There is so much important work required to advance the mobility industry, and it’s going to take diverse perspectives to move us into the future and into a world where precision technology in the mobility industry can make our lives easier, safer, more fulfilling, and more sustainable,” said Kaiser.

With over ten years of volunteering with SAE International, Kaiser has been involved in a variety of volunteer activities, including SAE’s Commercial Vehicle Executive Council, SAE’s Fellows Nominating Committee, SAE Mentoring Program, and more.

Kaiser noted that mentoring is important to her because she had so many great mentors throughout her career, pushing her to continue growing and helping her see what she needs to work on and remember to celebrate her successes.

“It takes a village to raise an engineer, and mentoring, for me, is a way to pay it forward and help others to work though challenges while having their own fulfilling and meaningful journeys, in both their careers and their SAE experiences,” said Kaiser.

Thank you, Michele, for sharing your expertise and experiences with the next generation of engineers through SAE’s mentoring program. We’re grateful to have you as a part of our team.

June is SAE’s Volunteer Recognition Month and we’re celebrating our volunteers and contributors all month long. Know a story we should tell? Share it with us at