Learn How to Implement Connected Aircraft Solutions While Complying with Industry Standards with SAE’s Connected Aircraft Information Products

From designing, testing, and integrating avionics to other aircraft electronics systems, connectivity has vastly transformed and expanded the capabilities of air transportation. These modern breakthroughs have increased both the opportunities and demand for safer, more comfortable flights, decreased delays, maintenance anticipation and prevention, and clear communication with crews on the ground. The expectations for today’s connected aircraft are high, and SAE International’s new Connected Aircraft Information Products are your critical advantage to meeting them.

SAE’s Connected Aircraft Information Products are an authoritative and integral cornerstone of any organization’s connected aircraft technical resources. Focused on practical and technical applications, this unique selection of content goes beyond the theoretical to provide engineers and academics with the specific, actionable knowledge they need to address imperative connected aircraft issues.

SAE International is a trusted and neutral thought leader in mobility engineering, curating and developing connected aircraft content with intensive feedback from organizations like yours. The Connected Aircraft Collection offers timely standards, insights, and developments relevant to:

  • Traditional OEMs
  • Startup OEMs
  • MROs
  • Airlines
  • Academia
  • Government

Connected Aircraft Annual Subscription

The Connected Aircraft Annual Subscription is a collection of technical papers, books, videos, and feature articles all related to connected aircraft areas of interest for aerospace professionals. Provide your software and systems engineers with industry-informed literature on design and testing of unmanned aircraft systems, avionics, and other aircraft electronic systems. Help ensure flight operation managers are aligned with industry best practice by providing those in charge with information on implementing connected aircraft solutions.

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Connected Aircraft Standards Subscription

The Connected Aircraft Standards Subscription is an annual subscription to the historical and current standards output by two dozen standards committees. Updated as new standards are published, users will have access to all the latest aerospace standards surrounding connected aircraft architecture, systems, and components.

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Connect2Car is coming to WCX™: World Congress Experience. This exclusive program is the third installment of the Connect2Car event series, which includes Connect2Car: CES and the Connect2Car Executive Leadership Forum.

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SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles

SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles furthers the state of the art of engineering research by promoting high-quality theoretical and applied investigations in the arena of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in on-road, off-road, and aerial operational environments.

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CDIF - Integrated Meta-model Presentation Location and Connectivity Subject Area

This document is intended to be used by anyone wishing to understand and/or use CDIF. This document provides a definition of a single subject area of the CDIF Integrated Meta-model.

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Technical Paper

Impact of Connectivity and Automation on Vehicle Energy Use

Connectivity and automation are increasingly being developed for cars and trucks, aiming to provide better safety and better driving experience. As these technologies mature and reach higher adoption rates, they will also have an impact on the energy consumption: Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) may drive more smoothly, stop less often, and move at faster speeds, thanks to overall improvements to traffic flows.

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