Securing the Modern Vehicle: A Study of Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Practices Webcast

Experts discuss key findings from the report "Securing the Modern Vehicle: A Study of Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Practices."

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Securing the Modern Vehicle: A Study of Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Practices Report

Synopsys and SAE International partnered to commission this independent survey of the current cybersecurity practices in the automotive industry to fill a gap that has existed far too long—the lack of data needed to understand the automotive industry’s cybersecurity posture and its capability to address software security risks inherent in connected, software-enabled vehicles.

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Cybersecurity Subscription

This annual subscription delivers a comprehensive collection of SAE and select, curated non-SAE publications, including technical papers, standards, news articles, journal articles, and e-books, related to this critical topic.

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Transportation Cybersecurity and Privacy

A scholarly publication of original high-quality scientific articles focusing on the Cyber Physical System (CPS) related areas of transportation cybersecurity and privacy.

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Cybersecurity–Podcast Series

Subscribe to the SAE International Cybersecurity Podcast Series and join experts from government, legal, and industry as they explore critical topics facing transportation cybersecurity.

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Security for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Communications

This SAE Information Report J2931/7 establishes the security requirements for digital communication between Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV), the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the utility, ESI, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and/or Home Area Network (HAN).

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Keys to Creating a Cybersecurity Process from the J3061 Process Framework

Connected vehicles are increasingly seen as a target for cybersecurity attacks. A key differentiator for the automotive industry is the use of cyber-physical systems, where a successful cybersecurity attack can affect physical entities. Often involving embedded electronics and real time control, these systems require different solutions in addition to established IT security principles and reactive responses to threats.

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Cybersecurity for Commercial Vehicles

Gloria D’Anna crafts a thorough view of cybersecurity to encourage those in the commercial vehicle industry to be fully aware and concerned that their fleet and cargo could be at risk to a cyber-attack

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