SAE Foundation: Inspiring Curiosity in STEM

Helping students succeed, educators excel and corporations achieve their business goals

SAE Champions STEM Education

SAE International has reached over 5 million students and has brought over 30,000 industry professionals into classrooms across the globe with its proven STEM education solutions.

SAE is the only organization with a comprehensive continuum of “Pre-K through College” Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education programs.

By supporting these programs, along with SAE's scholarships and prestigious awards, the SAE Foundation continues to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Helping Today's Students Become Tomorrow's Engineers and Scientists

In order to succeed in the society of tomorrow, all children need to understand and apply STEM concepts in a real-world integrated setting. In addition to becoming literate in these disciplines, students must learn to solve complex problems, communicate clearly, raise questions, assimilate information and work cooperatively toward common goals.

Each AWIM activity incorporates a curriculum built around the "Engineering Design Experience," and requires students to work in teams to solve a “challenge” to design, build and test a product. In addition, an industry volunteer works in the classroom to assist teachers with AWIM content delivery and serve as a role model, community liaison and professional resource. This winning combination of a pedagogically sound curriculum, teacher professional development, and the use of STEM professionals in the classroom is proven to be effective. AWIM is working to engage and inspire students at the earliest age possible to pursue STEM subjects and careers.

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At the university level, Extreme Engineering is what you get with the SAE Collegiate Design Series™.

CDS takes learning beyond textbook theory to designing, building and testing the performance of a real vehicle. CDS provides world-class, hands-on learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, developing and training the next generation of mobility engineers. The diverse menu of competitions includes Aero Design, Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Formula SAE, Formula Electric, Baja SAE, and Supermileage.

All competitions within CDS prepare undergraduate and graduate engineering students in a variety of disciplines for future employment in mobility-related industries by challenging them with a hands-on, team engineering experience which also requires budgeting, communication, project management, and resource management skills (the top skills most valued by today’s innovative organizations). Students from around the globe unite in this exciting and intense experience and regularly land their first engineering job by talking with recruiters from leading companies in the mobility industry at CDS events.

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