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Motorized Toy Car

Students develop new designs for electric gear driven toys. The students are involved in writing proposals, drawing sketches, and working with models to develop a plan to meet a specific set of design requirements. Force and friction, simple machines, levers and gears, torque and design are the core scientific concepts covered in this challenge.

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Students explore the relationship between force and motion and the effects of weight and lift on a glider. Students learn the relationships between data analysis and variable manipulations, and the importance of understanding consumer demands. The glider activity culminates in a book-signing event where each design team presents its prototype and the class presents its manuscripts to Mobility Press "representatives" and members of the local community.

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Fuel Cell

Using a PEM Fuel Cell as the primary power source, student teams design, build, and test prototype vehicles which they must then present to an audience. The AWIM Fuel Cells Challenge requires students to explore physical science concepts such as force, friction and energy transformations as well as environmental concepts such as green design, and incorporates mathematics concepts as student teams collect, analyze and display data.

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Gravity Cruiser

Student teams design and construct a vehicle that is powered by gravity. A weighted lever connected to an axle by string rotates on its fulcrum; as the weight descends it causes the axle attached to the string to rotate, propelling the cruiser forward. Concepts explored include potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia, momentum, diameter, circumference, measurement, graphing, and constructing a prototype.

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Cybersecurity: Keeping Our Networks Secure

Students explore a number of physical models that simulate the movement of information through the internet; they identify problems with each model and test different enhancements to help make the network operate better and faster. After learning about these important attributes of cybersecurity, students work in teams to create marketing materials to help the target audience feel more comfortable and confident about Internet security.

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Bill Agnew Award for Outstanding AWIM Volunteers

Established in 2003, this award recognizes volunteers who further develop students' understanding and experience in math and science by helping teachers use the A World In Motion (AWIM) materials in the classroom. The nominee must be a volunteer that has assisted a teacher integrating the AWIM program in the classroom and must have participated in classroom activities during the current academic year. Nominees do not have to be professional engineers. College and/or high school students who have served as volunteers and non-engineers are eligible for the award as well as professional engineers.

The award honors Dr. William G. Agnew, retired from General Motors Research Laboratories. His concept for establishing the AWIM program and his support of AWIM since its inception deserves recognition by this award.

The award consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium. It is presented at either an SAE Section meeting or at the school where the engineer volunteered.

Excellence in Engineering Education–Triple “E” Award

This award annually recognizes outstanding contributions made by an individual toward activities related to the SAE Education related programs. The award is given for any of the following types of service: promotion of SAE student activities at the international or local levels, contributions that advance engineering education, contributions in support of the SAE Collegiate Design competitions, and promotion of educational related activities at any level.

Candidates may be former members of the EB or related committees, faculty advisors, and other individuals who have made impactful contributions toward SAE Education related activities.

Gary Dickinson Award for Teaching Excellence

Established in 2001, this award recognizes an outstanding middle school teacher or a team of teachers who have made creative and exemplary use of the A World In Motion (AWIM) program to further develop students' understanding and experience in math, science and engineering.

To be eligible for this award, nominees must be middle school teachers (individuals or teams) from public, parochial, or private schools, and must have demonstrated exemplary use of the AWIM program curriculum.

This award was funded by the SAE Detroit Section to commemorate the life of industry leader, Gary Dickinson, and is intended to foster math and science education for middle school students.

Dickinson played a major role in the development of the A World In Motion program Motorized Toy Car and Glider Challenges for middle school students as the Chairman of the Vision 2000 Advisory Committee. His dedication to students was also evidenced by his leadership with the student design competitions, particularly the Methanol Marathon, the NGV Challenge, and the Solar Car competitions.

In addition, Dickinson served as the first chairman of the Emerging Technologies Advisory Board and was actively involved with the Mobility Technology Planning Forums, which brought a future technology focus to SAE. Also, his early involvement in the SAE Government/Industry Meeting was significant in linking SAE with the government. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Dickinson was awarded the SAE Medal of Honor in 1994 and the Long-Term Leadership Award in 2000.

This award consists of a framed certificate and a $2000 honorarium presented to the teacher and middle school.

Lloyd Reuss Award for Teaching Excellence

Established in 1998, this award recognizes elementary school teachers that further develop the understanding and experiences in math and science in elementary students.

To be eligible for this award, nominees (individuals or teams) must be elementary teachers (K-6) from public, parochial, or private schools, and must have demonstrated exemplary use of the AWIM program curriculum.

Applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the teacher/volunteer partnership,
  • Quality of the teaching experience, and
  • Quality of the student experience.

This award honors the work and dedication of Lloyd Reuss, former President of General Motors Corp. and Chair of the SAE VISION 2000 Executive Committee. Reuss' support of the AWIM program was the building block of this award.

The award consists of a framed certificate and a $2,000 honorarium that will be divided equally between the teacher and the elementary school where the program was implemented.

Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award

The SAE Teetor Program stimulates contacts between younger engineering educators and practicing engineers in industry and government.

Reflecting the firm belief of its donor that engineering educators are the most effective link between engineering students and their future careers, the SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational Fund's major program is focused on younger engineering educators. Its objective is to provide an engineering atmosphere in which these teachers can meet and exchange views with practicing engineers.

The current decade places greater expectations upon the colleges and universities of the world to educate individuals who must successfully meet the challenges that face society. The purpose of the Teetor Award is to recognize and honor those younger educators who are successfully preparing engineers for this task.

Established in 1963, this award is administered by the Teetor Educational Award Committee and consists of a framed certificate, a trip to a major SAE meeting, and two years of SAE membership. The award is presented at either WCX: World Congress Experience or at a major SAE aerospace event.

Ralph R. Teetor Faculty Scholarship

Teetor Awards Faculty Scholarship Program to Access SAE Professional Development Programs

The Ralph R. Teetor fund was established to promote information sharing and interaction between academia and industry. Over the years, a variety of programming has been established that supports this mission including:

  • Annual Teetor Awards program, which provides funding for faculty to attend SAE World Congress or a Congress of their choice and to attend an industry tour organized by a host company
  • Annual Faculty Advisors Award, which recognizes outstanding faculty, which includes funding to attend an SAE conference of choice
  • Industrial Lecture Series, a speaker’s bureau of engineering experts that Universities can request. Teetor funds the speaker’s travel and speaking honorarium.

NEW University Faculty Scholarship Program

University faculty who are SAE members are now eligible to receive a scholarship that provides access to one SAE Professional Development course per year. The scholarship provides funding up to $2500 to cover course registration fees and travel (air, ground, hotel, meals).

Upon review of applications, the Teetor Committee and SAE staff reserve the right to reject an application if the subject the faculty member teaches does not logically align with the content of the course being requested.

Both classroom and eLearning (virtual web seminars and online on-demand) are eligible. Registration in an On-demand online courses is for a 90-day access period.

SAE Outstanding Faculty Advisors Program for Student Branch and Collegiate Design Series Team Advisors

This program was setup to support the continued development of outstanding faculty advisors. Specifically, SAE wants to continue to encourage and help these advisors to maintain currency in automotive engineering and education, by providing stipends to allow the most effective advisors to attend SAE Conferences and SAE Professional Development courses.

The future of SAE International, and the industry sectors we serve, is heavily dependent on our ability to develop the next generation of engineers and leaders.

Faculty Advisors and Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Team Advisors who are actively engaged with their students are critical to our continued success. Dedicated Faculty Advisors encourage students to join SAE International and participate in Collegiate Chapters and the Collegiate Design Series, which helps them develop key skills that are transferrable to their career.

But the most effective Faculty Advisors help their students understand the lifetime value of belonging to SAE International. They educate young engineers about the benefits available to members, encourage them to transfer to professional membership when they graduate, explore the wealth of opportunities for life-long learning available through SAE (including conferences, technical standards and papers, professional development), and most importantly, encourage them to be involved in the many volunteer opportunities and build their professional network throughout their career.

The SAE Faculty Advisor Program was established in 1990 and funded by the Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award Fund to support Faculty Advisors who embody this professionalism and dedication to SAE.

This stipend is presented each April for the prior calendar year. Recipients are usually recognized at the WCX World Congress Experience in Detroit, but may choose to be recognized at the Commercial Vehicle Congress or Aerotech. In addition to recognition and a plaque, the stipend provides funding for each recipient travel to any SAE technical conference or Professional Development course/seminar in that calendar year.

Greatest People Ever

Mircea Gradu, Ph.D.

2018 President
Velodyne LiDAR Inc.

Cuneyt L. Oge

2016 President
Partner of PWC’s PRTM Management Consulting (retired)

Robert L. Ireland

Vice President, Aerospace
Airlines for America

Carla Bailo

2016-2018 Vice President, Automotive
Center for Automotive Research

Landon Sproull

2017-2019 Vice President, Commercial Vehicle; 2020 Director

Pierre Alégre Jr.

2018-2019 Treasurer

Dr. Haoran Hu

2016-2018 Director
Weichai Power Co., Ltd.

Eric M. Tech

2016-2018 Director

Dr. Gareth Malcolm Williams

2016-2018 Director
Airbus SAS

Donald R. Nilson

2017-2020 Director
Lockheed Martin Co.

Jeff Varick

2018-2021 Director
Brandmotion LLC

Cuneyt L. Oge

2016 President
Partner of PWC’s PRTM Management Consulting (retired)

Standards Development Process

SAE Technical Reports play a key role in market access, safety, reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving market position and advancing new technologies. Participation in the standards development process provides the opportunity to voice your ideas, express concerns and present technologies.

SAE Technical Reports are developed by the organization's more than 700 Technical Committees. Participation is open to all interested parties.

Identifying a Need: New technical reports begin when a need is identified by producers, purchasers or anyone in industry. A proposal to create a new technical report requires concurrence from the respective committee. All projects must be in compliance with SAE Intellectual Property Policy.

Types of Technical Reports:

  • SAE Standards: These Technical Reports are a documentation of broadly accepted engineering practices or specifications for a material, product, process, procedure or test method.
  • SAE Recommended Practices: These Technical Reports are documentations of practice, procedures and technology that are intended as guides to standard engineering practice. Their content may be of a more general nature, or they may propound data that have not yet gained broad acceptance.
  • SAE Information Reports: These Technical Reports are compilations of engineering reference data or educational material useful to the technical community.
  • SAE Aerospace Material Specifications: These Technical Reports identify material and process specifications conforming to sound, established engineering and metallurgical practices in aerospace sciences and practices.

Technical Committees: The Technical Committees are responsible for the preparation, development and maintenance of all relevant technical reports within their scope. Technical Committees consist of technical experts from government, industry, regulatory agencies and academia.

Membership: Members are to contribute to the work of the Technical Committee, vote on all technical report ballots and maintain active participation on the respective Technical Committee. Technical Committee members must be knowledgeable in the field(s) outlined by the Committee's scope.

Technical Report Sponsor: The sponsor will serve as the focal point within the committee for activities associated with the development of a technical report. This includes preparation of all drafts and resolution of all comments received during the ballot process.

Technical Report Approval Process:

  1. The document sponsor will submit a draft to SAE for balloting in accordance with the official SAE consensus ballot process.
  2. Committee members will vote and provide comments on the draft.
  3. Sponsor will attempt to resolve all comments.
  4. The technical report will then be balloted to the governing body of the initiating committee for a process level review.
  5. Once approved by the governing body, SAE will publish the technical reports.


How to Get Involved:
Your participation would be a welcome addition to the SAE Technical Standards Development Program and your organization/company may benefit from a closer relationship with the SAE standards development process. Participation on an SAE committee may also provide you contact with peers/mentors and opportunities for personal growth. The SAE standards consensus process needs active participation from all industry groups. If you are a professional in the mobility industry, we welcome your participation within the SAE Technical Committee structure.

Call for experts to serve on SAE Aerospace Technical Standards Development Committees

The only thing more important than using standards is helping to create them.

If you are a mobility engineering professional and possess technical expertise in the areas noted below, we invite you to volunteer on an SAE standards development committee. Participation can benefit you personally through networking and professional skill development. And, it benefits your organization as you play an active role influencing the direction of industry through standardization.

Synonymous with mobility engineering, SAE develops more vehicle technical standards than any other organization, offers the largest collection of vehicle engineering content, and boasts the largest network of global engineers on earth. For over 100 years, SAE International has provided s a neutral forum for the collaboration on common engineering challenges and the development of standards-which help reduce costs, increase productivity, improve market position, and advance new technologies.

Committees currently in need of your technical expertise:

Learn more at links below and/or contact noted standards specialist.

Volunteer now for these or any SAE technical standards committees

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Hilton Cleveland Downtown

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Hilton Cleveland Downtown

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Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission Valley

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Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship

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Dan and Vicky Hancock Scholarship for Mechanical Engineering Excellence

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SAE/Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies Scholarship

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Noble R. Patterson Scholarship

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SAE Heinz C. Prechter Automotive Excellence Scholarship

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TMC/SAE Donald D. Dawson Technical Scholarship

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Tau Beta Pi/SAE Engineering Scholarship

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Fred M. Young Sr./SAE Engineering Scholarship

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BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship

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Mircea Gradu, Ph.D.

2018 President

Dr. Mircea Gradu is Senior VP of Validation / Chief Quality Officer at Velodyne LiDAR, Inc. Mircea joined Velodyne September 2017 bringing over 25 years of experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry that includes deep technical knowledge of design, development, manufacturing, safety, and cybersecurity. Mircea is responsible for the development and manufacturing of world-class products compliant with the international quality standards and satisfying customer needs. He is building a strong validation organization, with continuous process improvements and an expansion of the quality team’s skill set for timely delivery of all quality objectives. Previously with Hyundai, Gradu, led the development and implementation of product strategy to improve both the initial quality of Hyundai models and vehicle durability. He was responsible for model line and systems engineering, vehicle safety, cybersecurity, dealer tools, technical support and training, warranty and field infrastructure for alternative energy vehicles. Since 2014, Hyundai has earned several industry quality awards. Dr. Gradu is a 25-year industry veteran, starting his career at Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Past experience includes key roles at The Timken Company and Chrysler Group LLC in the U.S, where he served as Vice President Powertrain Transmission and Driveline Engineering and Head of Virtual Analysis reporting to the CEO, and USCAR and U.S. Drive Council Member. Dr. Gradu has been awarded 56 patents on mechatronic automotive systems, published over 40 papers and held seminars or offered presentations at SAE, IEEE, TOPTEC, VDI and IFToMM events. A member of SAE International since 1994, Dr. Gradu’s distinguished career includes being the recipient of the 2008 Edward Cole Award for Automotive Innovation, the 2005 Forest McFarland Award and the SAE-Timken Howard Simpson Innovation Award. Dr. Gradu was appointed SAE Fellow in 2011 and served as Vice President of SAE International - Automotive Sector from 2010 to 2012. Dr. Gradu holds a master's in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Stuttgart. He has initiated and maintains industry-academia relationships with multiple universities, including most recently the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California Irvine.

Cuneyt L. Oge

2016 President

Cuneyt L. Oge, a Retired Partner of PWC’s PRTM Management Consulting business and was a consultant for 34 years in strategy and operations to leading firms in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and South America. In the recent years, he has been active in the emerging Clean Technology and Electric Vehicle sectors. He is currently serving as a member of the BOD of Deltawing Technologies, a company working to transform a highly efficient race car into a road car and continues to consult automotive industry clients. Prior to joining PRTM, Cuneyt was a vice-president in the worldwide automotive consulting practice of A. T. Kearney and prior to that a consultant for many years with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Before becoming a consultant he worked for the Olin Chemical Corporation He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where he obtained his B.S. degree in Industrial Management and his M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Cuneyt also spent time at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business doing post-graduate research on Technology Management. Cuneyt has served as a member of the SAE Board of Directors and Trustee of the SAE Foundation Board. He is a frequent speaker on Globalization, Product Strategy, Technology Management and on developments in Asia. Cuneyt has published several articles on the subject areas and speaks several languages.

Robert L. Ireland

Vice President, Aerospace

Robert Ireland an active SAE International volunteer for nearly three decades, originally chairing the Wind Shear Subcommittee of the Flight Deck and Handling Qualities Standards for Transport Aircraft Committee (S-7). He was General Chair of the 1997 World Aviation Congress, and served on the Engineering Meetings Board, Finance Committee, and the SAE Board of Directors from 1999-2010. He is currently a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, Technical Standards Board, and the Aerospace Council. Returning to the SAE Board in 2012, he is currently SAE’s Assistant Treasurer. Mr. Ireland is Managing Director, Engineering and Maintenance at Airlines for America (formerly the Air Transport Association) in Washington, D.C., whose member airlines represent more than 90% of US passenger and cargo traffic. In his A4A role, he coordinates engineering and maintenance interfaces between the airlines and an array of government entities. Ireland served United Airlines from 1981-2011, originally as a staff engineer, leading their participation in the development of industry-standard wind shear training techniques teaming with Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed and NCAR, as well as SAE Committee S-7. He held a variety of positions including Factory Representative at Boeing, leading the delivery team for 200 new aircraft, and manager of Maintenance Division automation. During his tenure as Manager of Corporate Programs, his team was responsible for $450 million in cabin equipment upgrades for the international fleet. Leading engineering services in United’s maintenance organization at San Francisco, he was responsible for technical data management, maintenance records, engineering standards, and the aircraft delivery activities at Boeing and Airbus. From 1999 until his retirement from United in 2011, Mr. Ireland was Managing Director of Flight Training Center Services in Denver, overseeing flight simulator engineering and maintenance as well as all facility functions. Prior to joining United Airlines, Ireland was employed by Boeing, and Honeywell’s avionics division. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Secondary Education, and remains an active alumni volunteer. Mr. Ireland is a private pilot and resides near Washington with his wife, Kris, and occasionally their two daughters, Katy and Jeanne, who come and go the way twentysomethings do.

Connect With Colleagues
Engage in conversations and presentations about the latest on regulatory happenings and positions
Peer-to-Peer Networking
Network and interact with leading electric and hybrid-electric vehicle engineers from the OEMs and associated supplier companies
Knowledge Sharing
Exchange ideas for evolving, new technologies
Gain New Expertise
Enhance your expertise as knowledgeable powertrain electrification experts