Vehicle Electrification

This annual subscription delivers a comprehensive collection of more than 4,500 SAE technical papers, 350 standards, and 13 e-books covering all aspects of electric vehicle design, production, testing, and maintenance. Content is updated regularly, so you’ll always have access to the latest research and thinking on this critical topic.

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Technical Paper

An Integrated Cooling System for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motors – Design and Simulation

Regardless of propulsion strategy, efficient cooling of electric motors remains an open challenge due to the operating cycles and ambient conditions. The onboard thermal management system must remove the generated heat so that the motors and other vehicle components operate within their designed temperature ranges.

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Vehicle Electrification Strategies for Sustainability, 2013

The 14 papers in this technical paper collection explore the issues and design strategies of bringing sustainable EV, PHEV, and vehicle electrification technologies to market.

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The Electrification of Civil Aircraft and the Evolution of Energy Storage

This book presents a solid perspective on how civil aviation has matured in its quest to develop lighter, more efficient and less polluting aircraft, and also more electric.

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