DoD Maintenance Symposium

December 17-20, 2018

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa Convention Center

Maintaining America’s Lethal Competitive

The 2018 DoD Maintenance Symposium is the preeminent event for the entire Department of Defense maintenance technical community to come together to network, share technical insights, and discuss relevant issues in the military maintenance community.

This is the only forum sponsored and conducted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense that addresses maintenance of weapon systems and equipment.

During the symposium, attendees are empowered to have their voice heard as they identify critical issues, tackle important topics, and increase awareness of DoD maintenance initiatives. This is a unique event platform where participants—especially maintainers—are viewed as experts.

This symposium will consist of technical sessions, lively panel discussions, and keynote presentations.

At this exclusive event, you can expect to:

  • Showcase technical knowledge in a DoD-wide environment
  • Gain knowledge from other technical experts
  • Interact with individuals with similar interests and backgrounds
  • Create opportunities for expanded collaboration within the DoD and industrial base
  • Develop business relationships with the military maintenance community.

Join military, government, and industry leaders, and maintainers from all levels at this distinctive, first-class event.

Learn more about who will be there and why you should attend.


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