DoD Maintenance Symposium

December 4-7, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center

Associated Meetings

2017 DoD Business Relationship Workshop (Previously known as Public-Private Partnering Workshop)
Room: 251D & 251E
During the next decade DoD will operate in an increasingly complex and interdependent global environment while facing significant fiscal constraints. Because government and industry have become increasingly reliant on collaborative arrangements, our successful use of creative business relationship strategies stands to have a profound mutual impact.

The 2017 DoD Business Relationship Workshop will provide a forum for focused application of practitioner experiences and insights to pursue improvements in the effectiveness of our business relationships for sustainment. Using information and data provided by an established community of practice, seasoned facilitators will help illuminate a path, and continue our improvement efforts leading to more effective processes and policy. This workshop will build on previous years’ Public-Private Partnering Workshops which have been directly responsible for significant advances in shared processes and improvements to departmental policy. This year the workshop will focus on two things: 1) a broader spectrum of business relationships; and 2) a view of business relationships from a private sector perspective.

Army Maintenance Board
Monday, December 4, 2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am Room: 250D
The Army will hold its Army Maintenance Board (AMB) at the DoD Maintenance Symposium. The AMB serves as a vehicle to advise and assist the Army G-4 in planning, programming, budgeting, execution and evaluation of Army Maintenance programs for military equipment and infrastructure; allows Commands to cooperate and coordinate with the G-4 Maintenance Directorate in fulfilling the Army G-4 role as the senior official in the Army G-4 for all maintenance matters; helps support the Maintenance Directorate in carrying out duties regarding all maintenance programs, policy, and processes; helps identify resources in support of the Army Maintenance Management Program. The AMB serves to establish a more formal process for communication and coordination among member organizations and Services, with the intent to reduce the overall Army cost of maintenance through improved accountability, efficiency, innovation, adaptability, consistency and partnering in addressing maintenance issues ultimately effecting DoD readiness.

Army Equipment Modification Workshop
Thursday, December 7, 2017
10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Room: 150 A-G
The Army Modification Workshop will highlight initiatives, updates and policy changes to the Army’s Equipment Modification Program which is used to develop, apply and document changes in both hardware and software made to end items, components, weapons, and information systems. The workshop will cover the Army equipment modification process, policy, the Modification Management Information System, new modifications, status and updates from Life Cycle Management Commands. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to enhance readiness as it pertains to the Army Equipment Modification Program, level of support and effectiveness to the troops in the field.

Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System Workshop
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Room: 252A
The Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System (AESMNS) Workshop focuses on review and standardization of processes and procedures for development and communication of safety and maintenance messages across all Life Cycle Management Commands (LCMCs). HQDA G-4 invites participants from HQAMC, TACOM, CECOM, AMCOM, JMC, and MEDCOM to take part in a discussion on best practices for development, dissemination, and receipt and compliance reporting for Safety and Maintenance messages. The AESMNS Workshop will review the current processes for message development and staffing within each LCMC, with the goal of identifying best practices to standardize and improve message development and reduce staffing time prior to release. Discussion will also include an update on the latest status of AR 750-6, Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System Policy, revision, as well as recommendations for future revisions.

CBM+: A Materiel Readiness Enabler
Thursday, December 7, 2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Room: 150 A-G
CBM+ represents a continuous development of maintenance processes and procedures that improve capabilities, practices, and technologies. CBM+ is a part of the transformation of maintenance practices from the Industrial Age to the Information Age through the appropriate use of emerging technologies to analyze near-real-time and historical weapon systems data to provide a predictive maintenance capability. CBM+ is an opportunity to improve business processes, with the principal objective being improved maintenance performance across a broad range of benefits, including greater productivity, shorter maintenance cycles, lower costs, increased quality of the process, better availability, and enhanced reliability of materiel resources. The session is a Senior Leader panel discussion with panelists providing a impactful presentations from their service perspective concerning CBM+ as a materiel readiness enabler.

USMC Cross Commodity Meetings
Room: 251 A-C
Further Breakouts:
USMC Comm/Elec – 250A
USMC Motor Transport – 254A
USMC Engineers – 254B
The Marine Corps will be hosting numerous associated meetings while participating in the DoD’s premiere maintenance event. The Marines and civilians from various levels in HQMC, Systems Command, Supporting establishments, Formal Learning Centers, and the Operating Forces, will represent the Engineering, Motor Transport, Communications Electronics Maintenance, Ground Ordnance, and Maintenance Management Military Occupational specialties. The Maintenance commodities will be participating in Cross Commodity Meetings. These meetings will have presenters from the Program Offices, Occupational Field Sponsors/ Managers, and Industries “Best in Practice” representatives, providing demonstrations and updates as it pertains to maintaining the Marine Corps Ground Combat Equipment.

Critical Product Support Policy Issues
Monday, December 4, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Room: 250D
Product Support is evolving, driven by critical changes in world dynamics, policy, behavior, and technologies. Some are reinforcing and some appear in contradiction. Certainly, there is confusion within both the customer community and industry support on several critical issues. Left unaddressed, unintended consequences, bad behavior, and readiness impacts may result. To facilitate understanding and development of priorities, sound policy and action plans that will lead to our collective objectives of efficiency, effectiveness, strength of our community capabilities and ultimately readiness, we will identify and prioritize critical influencers, develop recommended policy, and sound action plans. We will initiate this process with a series of meetings in conjunction with the DoD Maintenance Symposium. The meeting is reserved for industry association participants and members.


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