2005 Presentations

Aging Systems - Choosing What Goes and What Stays - And How to Sustain What Stays

David Carter*
Francis Crowley*
Robert Ernst*
Daniel Frey*
Terry Mitchell*

Automotive Technologies that are Changing our Maintenance Attitudes and the Way We Live

George Baker*

Common Logistics Operating Environment (CLOE) - A Near-term Application of CBM+

Robert Brown - Parts 1*, 2*
Dr. Miranda Keeney*
Dr. William Lewis*
Brian Sabourin*

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Transformation Review Panel

Col Sarah Smith*

From Cradle to Grave - Implementing Total Life Cycle Systems Management in the Military Services

Louis Kratz*

From the Top - Discussions by the Logistics and Materiel Readiness Executives

Alan Estevez*
COL Robert Guarino*
Jim Hall*
Louis Kratz*
Dave Pauling*

Great Ideas

Phil D'Eon*
Keith Moore*
Nancy Regan*
Dave Shaw - Parts 1*, 2*
Josie Simpson* - 2005 Winner

Keeping Pace with Emerging Maintenance Technologies

Tom Badders*
Debbie Bailey*
Bill Ross*

Materiel Readiness - Balance over Buzzwords

Col John Bryant*
Lt Col Christopher Burke*
Steven Karl*
Tracy Moran*

Reinventing the Wheel or An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Col Gerry Bates*
CAPT Joseph Campbell - Parts 1*, 2*
CAPT Pete Laszcz*
Jan Mulligan*

Reliability Centered Maintenance-Condition Based Maintenance - Realizing Inherent Reliability

Kenneth Jacobs*
Eric Linton*
Yvonne Romero*

Reliability Challenges

Tom Carroll*
Douglas Felker*
Robert Kuper - Parts 1*, 2*
Karron Small*

Show Me the Data - Getting Decision Makers the Information They Need

Terry Boyce*
Stephen Heilman - Parts 1*, 2*
Craig MacDougall - Parts 1*, 2*, 3*

The Changing Face of the DoD Depot Maintenance Enterprise

Dave Greemore*
RDML (S) Michael Hardee*
Brig Gen Gary McCoy*
Gary Motsek*

Where Were You When I Needed You - Improving Parts Support

CAPT Kevin Gannon*
Dan Bowman*
Dr. Grace Lin*

Wednesday Keynote Speaker
Robin Wohnsigl*

Thursday Breakfast Speaker
GEN Benjamin S. Griffin*

Thursday Special Session Speaker
Luke Gill - The Link Between RMS and PBL*

Phoenix Award Winner
3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery*

Robert T. Mason Award Winner
Maintenance Center Albany*

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