2007 Presentations

Tutorial: Beyond Performance-Based Logistics—Outcome-Focused Performance

Achieving an Outcome-Focused Performance Environment* - Mike Disano
Beyond PBL-Outcome Focused Performance* - Chuck Silva

Pit-Stop Maintenance for Army Aviation

Fort Bragg Materiel Maintenance Division Brief on Lean and LBE* - Chief Warrant Officer Arthur Dahl
Assessing Pit-Stop Maintenance for Army Aviation* - Kris Walker

Ground Vehicle Reliability

Ground Vehicle Reliability Concept to Full Rate Initial Production (A Contractor Perspective)* - Carl Huck
Availability and Reliability of Defense Materiel Requirements to the Defense Industry* - Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Frank Kammerer
Ground Vehicle Reliability Design-for-Reliability* - Robert M. Cranwell
Platform Reliability* - Dr. Robert J. Lusardi

Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)

Data Management as the Key to Prognostic Capability* - Russ Alford
ICAS (Enterprise Remote Monitoring)* - Michael DiUlio
Aviation Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)* - Gary Nenninger
Global Mission Support Solution* - Ron Wagner

It's the Law: Depot Maintenance & Title 10 Basics

It's the Law - Title 10 for Maintainers (Depot Focus)* - Gregg Fogarty

Challenges with Maintaining Theater-Provided & Loan/Transfer-to-Allies Equipment

COL Luigi E Biever*
Dave Campbell*
Michael Madden*

Partnering: A Private Sector Perspective

Public - Private Partnering for Depot Level Maintenance* - Chris Emery
P3 - Public Private Partnership* - Don Ishmael
Public-Private Partnerships an Industry Perspective* - Mark De Rock
SSGN -A Public Shipyard-Private Industry Collaboration Success Story* - Larry Runkle
Public Private Partnering* - Kevin Trammel

Metrics: Are They Taking You Where You Need to Go?

Comments on USMC's Logistics Chain Performance Measurement Plan for DoD Maintenance Symposium* - MAJ Robert Charlton
USAF Maintenance Metrics: Looking Forward with Aircraft Availability (AA)* - Lt Col Jeff Meserve
Sustainment Metrics* - LTC Darnell Jones
HQDA 360 Degree Readiness Initiative* - Christopher J. Lowman

Organic Performance-Based Logistics Perspectives

Organic PBL* - Bruce Hatlem
Partnering for Performance Partnering for Performance - Enhancing Organic PBL* - Lou Kratz
AMCOM Depot Partnerships* - Terri Schwierling
Architecture for Organic Product Support Integration* - John Sells
Performance Based Logistics - "An Organic Solution"* - Frank Zardecki

Implementing Item Unique Identification (IUID) into Maintenance & Materiel Readiness Processes

Greg Kilchenstein*
Eddie Chase*

Great Ideas Competition

Roger L. Shoemaker*
Dempsey Ventress*
Craig MacDougall*
Marcee Mickler*
Tom Popolo*
Troy J. Welch*

Industry Keynote — Mr. Michael George, Former Chairman, George Group*

Resetting the Force—Depot Maintenance Challenges

MG James H. Pillsbury*
MG William (Mike) Lenaers*
Major General Willie Williams*
Brigadier General Ronald J. Johnson*

Maintenance Training & Distance Support: Critical Components of the 'Logistics Support System'

Overview* - Dr. Joe Sheehan
Providing Integrated Technical Services, enabled by Distance Support, to the Naval Aviation Enterprise - Todd Mellon
Parts 1*, 2*
Maintenance Training and Distance Support-An Expeditionary Perspective* - LtCol Don Evans
F-35 Lightning II Maintenance Training & Distance Support* - Robert Finley
Apache PMO-Apache Movement Of Data* - Oswald Ingraham
Global Hawk Program Overview - Michael Johnston
Parts 1*, 2*

Obsolescence and Post-Production Support

Overview* - David G. Robinson
Obsolescence and Post-Production Support* - Lou Kratz
Planned Technical Obsolescence* - Phu Nguyen
Obsolescence & Post-Production Support* - Kevin Lesenski
The World of DMSMS* - Ric Loeslein

Restructuring Maintenance for the 21st Century

Maritime Maintenance For The 21st Century* - RDML Joseph F Campbell
An Overview of German Transformational Efforts in the Field of Logistics* - BG Kurt Helmut Schiebold
Consolidating Intermediate Level Maintenance* - Mark D. Johnson
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast* - Captain Tim Matthews
Restructuring Maintenance for the 21st Century* - Colonel Michael Kriz

Maintenance: Supply Chain Center of Gravity—Linchpin of Warfighter Readiness

DoD Supply Chain Challenges - Moving Towards A More Integrated Environment* - Larry Scheuble

Strategic Planning for Future Maintenance & Sustainment

Strategic Planning for Future Maintenance and Sustainment* - Peggy Hough
Sustaining a Highly Capable, Mission-Ready Maintenance Workforce* - Dennis Brogan
Aligning Maintenance Operations Metrics with Warfighter Outcomes* - Steve Michaluk
Ensuring An Adequate Infrastructure To Execute Assigned Maintenance Workload* - Jan Mulligan
Core Logistics Capability Assurance* - Col. Andrew O. Starr
DOD Depot Strategic Planning Issues: Past, Present and Future* - Julia Denman

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)

RCM WIPT Overview* - Sean Olin
Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)* - Steve Cushanick
RCM Applied to the CH-47 Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopter* - Nancy Regan

Synchronizing & Aligning Maintenance & Sustainment Elements

Producing Combat Readiness for Naval Aviation* - RDML Michael Hardee
Optimizing the Support of DoD Weapons and Equipment* - Dave Campbell
Weapon Systems Value Chain Management* - Harry L. Gregory
Supporting the Warfighters Through Synchronizing & Aligning Maintenance & Sustainment Elements* - Ross Marshall

Keynote — LTG H. Steven Blum, ARNG, Chief, National Guard Bureau*

Keynote — LTG C. V. Christianson, Director for Logistics, Joint Staff*

Keynote — Dr. Tim Barth, Spaceport Technology Development Manager, NASA*

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI): Institutionalizing a Culture of Excellence to Achieve Sustainable Results in Maintenance Organizations

Taking CPI to the Next Level* - Maj Gen Robert H. McMahon
Moving from "Doing" Lean to "Being" Lean* - Col Douglas J. Evans

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