2008 Presentations

Monday, October 27
DoD's Journey Towards SIM
Initiatives to Reduce Maintenance Requirements—Have They Worked?
CBM+ - Optimized Maintenance through Real Time Data
Manufacturing within DoD
Synchronizing Maintenance & Supply
Looking to the Future: An Enlisted Perspective of Force Development, Systems Sustainment and Acquisition
Reliability Centered Maintenance Impacts to the Field
Maintenance Implications of Performance Based Logistics Arrangements
Ground Vehicle Reliability Panel
Benchmarking Across the DoD Depot Maintenance Enterprise
Great Ideas Competition
Tuesday, October 28
Industry Keynote
  • Mr. Rick Gillette, Senior VP for Production, Delivery, and Support, General Dynamics Land Systems
    Parts 1*, 2*
Requirements Determination, Planning & Managing Contractor Maintenance Support for Deployed Forces Panel
Fielding the New Sustainment Concepts
Maintenance in the Trenches: A Perspective from the Maintenance Front Lines
Corrosion - What's Being Done about the $15B Annual Corrosion Maintenance Cost?
Oversight & Management of Contractor Maintenance in Contingency Operations
Wednesday, October 29
Depot Maintenance Cost Growth
Best Maintenance Practices and Approaches - An International Perspective
Availability and Reliability at Best Value for the Warfighter
Sustainment Technology Insertion - CTMA Case Studies
Strengthening the Links in the DoD Supply Chain
Thursday, October 30

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