Presentations from the 2009 Event

Monday, October 26
Analytical Framework for 2009 NDAA Section 322 Depot Maintenance Study
Enterprise Continuous Process Improvement
It's the Law: Depot Maintenance & Title 10 Basics
Understanding and Combating Aging
Maintenance Management on Legacy Platforms
Training Tomorrow's Maintainers Today
Integrating and Balancing Organic/Commercial Maintenance Support
Maintenance Management of Future Platforms
Linking Depot Customer Demand with Supply
Great Ideas Competition
Tuesday, October 27
DoD Maintenance Video
DoD Keynote
Product Support Integrators - Partnerships, Risk and Reward Sharing
DoD Maintenance Alignment in the 21st Century: Cross Boundary Maintenance
Military Service Equipment Reset Strategies: What, Where, Who, How, and Why
Next Generation Life Cycle Product Support Strategies
Wednesday, October 28
Exceptional Exhibit Competition
Great Ideas Competition
Implications of Overseas Contingency Operations and Reset on Maintenance - A "New Baseline" Level of Operation
Depot Technology Opportunities
Contractor Maintenance Support Challenges in a Combat Environment
Maintenance Performance as Seen by Award Winners: A Proven Enlisted Perspective

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