Automotive Cybersecurity Certification: Level Two
I.D. # C2107 Duration 2 Days

This course has been developed in cooperation with TÜV SÜD. The certification concept behind the training comprises a multi-stage qualification and is characterized by a high level of practical bearing. The focus of this training is on the cybersecurity lifecycle for automotive products. In addition to a brief refresher on the content of the standard, important aspects of ISO/SAE 21434 that play an important role along the automotive lifecycle are discussed in detail. Starting with the topic "Culture & Competence", through cybersecurity planning to audits and assessments and post-development activities. The learning concept provides a holistic methodology geared toward the automotive ecosystem. 

Level two personnel certification in automotive cybersecurity issued by TÜV SÜD and SAE International will be awarded to participants with a passing score on the end-of-course exam. 

This course culminates in a proctored exam in which you will need your camera on.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify standards and regulations beyond ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155
  • Identify cybersecurity risks across the product lifecycle
  • Create a culture sensitive to cybersecurity including roles and responsibilities
  • Clarify the difference between an assessment and an audit
  • Identify tools used in effective management of the auto cybersecurity environment
  • Develop a project plan for cybersecurity resources
  • Describe the importance and elements of a cybersecurity case
  • Understand cybersecurity during post-development
  • Understand Item definition and cybersecurity goals and claims
  • Differentiate CS Controls and requirements and concepts of elaboration
  • Describe concepts between Tier 1 and OEM cybersecurity

Who Should Attend
  • Cybersecurity managers and practitioners
  • Engineering personnel
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Testers
  • Process owners/designers
  • Production and project managers
  • Audit and audit officers


Successful completion of Automotive Cybersecurity Level One and passing of the level One exam. 

Instructor(s): William Mazzara, Anuja Sonalker, or Thomas Zaubermann

Bill MazzaraBill Mazzara serves on the SAE/ISO Joint Working Group for Road Vehicles Cybersecurity Engineering which has published ISO/SAE 21434DIS. He is also the chair of SAE Vehicle Electrical System Hardware Security Subcommittee which has published SAE J3101.
Having begun his career as a test engineer during the infancy of the connected car,  Mr. Mazzara has witnessed and been a driving force in the evolution of the field, granted 29 related patents in the process. As it became apparent that the lack of cybersecurity was an unfortunate oversight of the connected car, Bill became part of the solution.  Mr. Mazzara served on the response team charged with addressing what is widely considered one of the automotive industry¿s first cybersecurity incidents against a passenger vehicle, the incident chronicled in 2010 study by researchers from the Universities of California San Diego and Washington.

A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Mr. Mazzara holds a bachelor¿s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in addition to masters¿ degrees in wireless communications and business administration.

Anuja SonalkerAnuja Sonalker is the founder and CEO of autonomous vehicle software company, STEER Tech and was recently named one of 2020¿s Top 100 Leading Women in the North American Automotive Industry by Automotive News. Dr. Sonalker draws two decades of experience from both the automotive industry and the US cybersecurity defense sector building high assurance secure networks, devices and distributed systems. Prior to STEER she held executive leadership positions at TowerSec (acq. by Harman) and at Battelle where she led their automotive cybersecurity practices and go to market. She was instrumental in transitioning the Battelle CyberAuto Challenge to SAE in 2016 and in building the world's first automotive intrusion detection systems in 2013. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and Co-Chair of ISO 21434: Automotive Cybersecurity Framework. Dr Sonalker holds several patents in building cyber security engineering products and automated vehicle engineering products.

Dr. Sonalker also serves on the Board of Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE), Board of Visitors for the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, Board of the BWI Business Partnership and the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Authority of Howard County, Maryland.

Tom ZaubermannTom Zaubermann is a the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Luchs Security. With a rich tapestry of experience, Mr. Zaubermann is driving innovation and setting benchmarks for excellence in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.

Before founding Luchs security, he demonstrated his expertise by spearheading the InCar Security Testing Lab and serving as the Head of Security Testing at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg. During this phase of his career, Mr. Zaubermann took the reins of embedded penetration testing endeavors across a diverse spectrum of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and platforms. His contributions encompassed the development of comprehensive security testing protocols, significantly fortifying the organization's cybersecurity infrastructure.

Mr. Zaubermann's remarkable journey into the cybersecurity landscape commenced at the age of 16 when he embarked on his path as a passionate penetration tester. Following his dedicated military service, he swiftly ascended to the prestigious role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at an Israeli-based stock market company, showcasing his innate aptitude for leadership and strategic acumen.

In his pursuit of broadening horizons, he channeled his expertise as an IT-Security consultant across diverse global landscapes, spanning continents from Europe and Africa to Vietnam and Singapore. His consulting ventures predominantly focused on empowering the financial and oil industries. These endeavors entailed meticulous planning, infrastructure development, and comprehensive personnel training for Security Operations Centers (SOCs), showcasing his deep commitment to enhancing security ecosystems worldwide.

Fees: $1495 SAE Members: $1495


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