ASME 1994-2009 Comparison 1-day
I.D. # ET8000 Duration 1 Day
Providing you have a basic understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing fundamentals, this course teaches the significant revisions, additions, and deletions prescribed in the new ASME Y14.5- 2009 Standard. Utilizing the expertise of world-renowned GD&T expert Alex Krulikowski, the course offers an in-depth explanation of new features in the 2009 standard and compares them to the 1994 Standard.

Newly acquired learning is reinforced throughout the class with numerous practice problems, and a set of comprehensive comparison charts that highlight itemized changes in the standard are included in the workshop price.

Each attendee receives a robust collection of learning resources including:

  • An ASME Y14.5 1994-2009 Comparison Workbook, by Alex Krulikowski
  • Class handouts
  • A GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide (2009)
  • An ASME Y14.5 1994-2009 Comparison Chart set
  • 90-day access to "ASME Y14.5 Standard Comparison: 1994 to 2009"based on ASME Y14.100-2004 and ASME Y14.24-1999, (a $51 value) to practice and reinforce what was learned in the classroom

Thousands of students have learned GD&T through Alex Krulikowski"s textbooks, self-study courses, computer based training, and online learning center. Students who attend courses like this one walk away with more than knowledge. They gain on-the-job skills because the learning materials are performance- based.


Learning Objectives
The one-day ASME Y14.5-2009 Update Workshop will teach you about the pertinent changes made to the Y14.5 standard. You'll learn how the subject matter has been reorganized, and about new sections that have been created for profile, orientation, and form.

The workshop covers these major changes to the standard:

  • More than thirty new or revised terms
  • Sixteen new or revised symbols
  • Revisions and additions to the fundamental rules
  • Revisions and additions to the concept of feature of size
  • Revisions and new symbols for datum specifications
  • Revisions to composite position tolerances
  • Surface boundaries and axis methods of interpretation
  • Revisions and new additions to profile tolerances

Who Should Attend
This course is valuable for individuals who create or interpret engineering drawings, product and gage designers; process, product, and manufacturing engineers; supplier quality engineers/professionals; CMM operators; buyers/purchasers; checkers; inspectors; technicians; and sales engineers/professionals.
Attendees must have a basic understanding of Y14.5-1994 Dimensioning and Tolerancing practices.
Seminar Content
  • 24 revised terms in ASME Y14.5-2009
  • 16 new terms in ASME Y14.5- 2009
  • Revised and new modifying symbols
  • The datum system
  • Revisions to geometric symbols
  • 3-D digital data sets
  • Summary of major changes
  • Implementing a new standard

Course summary, final learning assessment


All of ETI's instructors are industry professionals with years of experience applying GD&T on the job. ETI trainers have:

  • Expert knowledge of the Y14.5 Standard
  • ASME certified and/or ASQ certified
  • Current or recent industrial experience using GD&T 
  • At least five years of experience using GD&T
  • Experience and skill using ETI teaching materials

Our instructors use identical training materials and lesson plans, so you receive the same class presentation from every trainer.

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