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Doctoral Scholars Forgivable Loan Program


Deadline for Submission: April 1

Applicant must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited engineering institution, be accepted into a full-time engineering or related science doctoral program at an accredited institution, and be a citizen of the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Applicant must plan to teach engineering at the college level upon graduation. Forgivable loans in amounts up to $5,000/year for three years are awarded to the recipient.

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*Student's Name
*Student's University
*Reference's last name
*First name
*Home Street Address
*Home Telephone

Are (were) you the principal advisor for the applicant?
Masters program Yes No
PhD program Yes No

*Summary Evaluation
Please rate the applicant in comparison with a representative group of students in the same field who have had approximately the same amount of experience and training.

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(If this item is checked, you do not need to complete the rest of this form. Please click on the 'Submit' button at the end of the form.)
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Please rate the following on the above scale: 5 4 3 2 1
General Scholarly Ability
Ability - Oral Expression
Ability - Written
Ability - Work With Others
Imagination & Creativity
Leadership Potential
Potential to be a Teacher

*Please check the educational level of the group with whom the applicant is compared.
College Senior
College Junior
1st Year Graduate Student
Advanced Graduate Student

*Please comment on the appraisal given above and make any observations that would help SAE make its decision (e.g. matters related to character and responsibility, scholarly ability, potential teaching ability, etc.)

*Some gifted individuals have mediocre scholastic records. Is the applicant's scholastic record, as you know it, an accurate index of his/her academic ability?
Don't Know
If you answered NO, please explain. You may wish to give consideration to the applicant's performance in independent programs or in research participation programs.

*In your view, does the applicant have an interest in the broad field of technology addressed by SAE (as described at the bottom of this document)?
Don't Know
If NO, please explain.

*Do you believe the applicant is committed to, and capable of, achieving a doctorate in engineering?
Don't Know
If NO, please explain.

*Do you believe the applicant will pursue a college engineering teaching career upon graduation with a doctoral degree?
Don't Know
Please explain.

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