Section Treasurer Information

Petition to Request Supplemental Funding

Section Name:

1. Amount of section's surplus funds (Line 56 Financial Annual Report) $
2. Amount of Restricted Surplus Funds (Line 54 Financial Annual Report) $

3. If requesting funds for a special program, complete the following questions:

Program/Activity Name:
Date of the Program/Activity:
Required Response Date from Finance Committee:
Estimated Cost of Program/Activity: $

Are sponsorship funds from organizations other than SAE available?


If yes, what amount? $

Describe the Program/Activitiy:

4. How many members are expected to participate in the Program/Activity?

5. How many non-members are expected to participate in the Program/Activity?

6. How many times has the Section participated in the Program/Activity?

7. Which Section Activities will benefit from the Program/Activity?

Membership Promotion
Student Activities
Technical Meeting
Social Meeting
Other Please Specify

8. If no funds are granted, will the program be:


9. If requesting funds as a result of a financial hardship, complete the following:

Amount of Funds being requested: $
Date receipt of additional funds is required:
Reason for request:

10. If no funds are granted, will the section be able to operate?


11. What actions will the Section implement to eliminate the need for future additonal funds?

Section Chair:  
Section Treasurer:

  • Funds will not be given to a section more than two consecutive years.
  • If Funds are given and the program/activity does not come to fruition, funds must be returned.
  • To petition for funds, a section must have submitted their last annual Operational Report & Plan including the Financial Report & Plan, and have filed a list of officers iwth SAE Headquarters.