Digital Standards Systems

New Whitepapers from SAE International: 

The Prospect of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the new competitive advantage. Only 35% of aerospace companies reported the use of digital technology to refine product designs or improve engineering function.

This surprising finding, from a recent McKinsey & Company/AIA study reinforces a common issue: digital transformation is difficult. It requires significant investment in technology, tooling, process, and beyond. But those who have are already realizing significant benefits.

Digital Standards Systems—An Integrated Approach to Engineering Standards Usage

Industry standards are key enablers in helping businesses meet regulatory requirements, keep costs down, gain market access, and instill consumer confidence.

SAE International and other standards development organizations work in partnership with industry to develop and distribute standards important in automotive and aerospace product development, product performance, and quality management.

Historically, industry standards were formatted with the intention of being distributed in print. This changed with the evolution of new electronic formats, and now most standards are available in PDF or EPUB. While progressive at the time, these formats are now proving inadequate due their optimization for readability by the human eye versus consumption by electronic endpoints. 

As new technologies develop to better integrate standards into engineering workflows, the necessary changes will not likely follow a linear trajectory, but rather incorporate an interconnected systems-level approach. 

This whitepaper will review the key considerations in the development of a digital standards system.

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