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Asia Pacific Focuses on New Members

The Asia Pacific sector of the IAQG (APAQG) focuses on promoting various aspects and values of the IAQG through the expansion of APAQG. With 34 active members, APAQG recently welcomed six new members: Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC), Bharat Forge, Ankit Fasteners, TATA Advanced Systems, AXISCADES Engineering Technologies and Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore). Additionally, area specific updates included the first anniversary of the Korea Aerospace Quality Group (KAQG); the formal establishment of the Singapore Aerospace Quality Group (SAQG) in November 2016; and a promotional seminar held in the Philippines.

Currently, APAQG is establishing the Other Party Management Team (OPMT) with the Japan Registrar Management Committee (JRMC) to take a lead role in progressing the launch for both Japan and South Korea in Spring 2018. Japan also continues to increase the number of 9100 certificates in their region. Sector Leader Naoki Kitamori, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD., iterated the group "strives to improve the supply chain through promoting the benefits that come from the 9100 certifications" (including 9110 and 9120 certifications).

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