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EAQG Maximizes Members and EASA Engagement

There have been recent changes to the EAQG Membership policy with a goal to maximize member engagement. In addition to the 26 full members, there are now six affiliate members. Andy Maher, EAQG sector leader, shared that "this will help the EAQG continue to progress our engagement with members at newly formed division levels as business consolidations change the industry landscape."

Ensuring the IAQG continues to align and simplify activities across the value chain, the EAQG members regularly meet with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), whose responsibility lies in establishing aerospace regulation across Europe.

The EAQG works with EASA to correlate the 9100-certification series as the recognized standard to enable EASA requirements. The EASA relationship and coordination continues to focus on a performance-based methodology with prioritization and focus on key areas. Maher expanded on the EAQG/EASA relationship stating, "the relationship strives to look at better alignment between the two groups with reduced burden as we progress supply chain performance."

Through the EAQG Defense Team, EAQG participated in the NATO Host Nation conference and in NATO Working Group 2. Under the leadership of the Defense Team, fulfilment of European Defense Agency (EDA) engagement map and confirmation of participation through the Military Airworthiness Group (MAWA) was completed. The IAQG and the EAQG look forward to continued partnership with the NATO activities.

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