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General Assembly Highlights 9100 Certification Series Transition

IAQG President Bill Schmiege opened the October General Assembly meetings with transitional achievement highlights. According to Schmiege, "we are making good progress. The 9100 series 2016 revision reflects the input of the various regulators and IAQG is working with industry stakeholders to progress the transition through September 2018."

As a reminder, all 9100 series audits are now shifting to the new 9100:2016 series with full implementation completed by September 15, 2018. This deadline was selected to coincide with the ISO 9001:2015 transition allowing those with dual certifications an efficient transition to both standard changes.

What has changed?
Change details have been provided in past IAQG publications along with supporting materials on the IAQG website to help certified organizations with the transition. Additionally, the IAQG has worked with the Certification Bodies (CBs) and the transition is on track supported by capable auditors that have successfully completed 9100:2016 series training.

These are the main changes organizations can expect to find during their transition.

  1. A focus on escape prevention
  2. Risk-based thinking
  3. Product safety applicability
  4. Counterfeit parts
  5. Testing raw materials
  6. Human factors and human error changes
The new 9100 series of standards provides organizations an opportunity to examine their Quality Management Systems (QMS) as they address new requirements. The QMS ensures system effectiveness in achieving planned results and improving levels of customer satisfaction. Early adopters have reported positive feedback and successful pass rates citing good preparation and communication with their CBs as key. The IAQG wishes success in your implementation and will remain a resource for any questions about the 9100 series.
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