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New FOD Standard 9146 Provides Risk Based Approach

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a major concern in the aviation, space and defense industry. While there is a large amount of information and guidance available about the prevention of FOD, the 9146 standard is the first requirements standard published for aviation, space and defense industries.

This standard can be used at all levels of the supply chain to mitigate FOD risk. Its requirements are implemented and based on the results of a FOD risk assessment for product characteristics and operations.

"Providing a standard with a risk-based approach for FOD Prevention Program requirements addresses a long-standing need for the industry. As organizations continually expand their business models to include multilevel supply chains, this standard defines a risk-based, process approach implementation of appropriate controls, and flow down requirements to that effect. 9146 will contribute to organizations continued improvements in quality and safety." (IAQG FOD Standard Writing Team.)

Establishing and maintaining an effective FOD Prevention Program involves using a process approach and risk-based thinking that proactively addresses the events (conditions and actions) leading to FOD. Risk-based thinking ensures FOD risk is considered when establishing, implementing, and maintaining a FOD Prevention Program.

Some of the 9146 benefits are:

  • Standardized FOD prevention program requirements
  • Mitigate FOD risk to aviation, space and defense products and services
  • Assured customer satisfaction

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