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IAQG Winter 2016 Newsletter

9100:2016 Transition Begins with Standards Published Internationally

The IAQG 9100-series is an international Aviation, Space and Defense standards defining specific aerospace Quality Management Systems (QMS) requirements. The following internationally published standards incorporate key additions including product safety, counterfeit part prevention, awareness, and human factor requirements reflecting the needs of key stakeholders and as well as alignment with ISO 9001:2015 standard:
  • 9100: QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organization
  • 9101: QMS - Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organization
  • 9110: QMS - Requirement for Aviation Maintenance Organizations
  • 9120: QMS - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors
The last remaining 9100-series standard to be published will be 9115 for Deliverable Software which is expected to be released in January 2017.

All certified organizations desiring to continue AS/EN/JISQ certification will be required to transition to the 2016 revised standards. IAQG has developed QMS deployment support material available on the public IAQG website. The AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016 deployment support material includes: IAQG webinars are being offered by the AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series leadership team to help users understand the standard changes and intent. It is recommended that organizations participate first in the 9100-series key changes presentation and then the clause-by-clause changes for additional details. Additional information regarding key target dates, timetable and webinar scheduling.

IAQG and Plexus International Partner to Provide Transition Training

The Other Party Management Team (OPMT) and Plexus International, under the leadership of the IAQG, have collaborated to develop training materials to support the 9100:2016 series transition timeline. Each training development partner is working to ensure that existing auditors are up-to-date and knowledgeable in the revised 9100/9110/9120/9101 standards in support of the transition requirements defined in Supplemental Rule 003.

The training content is a result of agreements between the OPMT and representatives of the standards writing team along with Plexus International to manage the training material content into an online training platform. Pilot reviews have been used to simulate the learning experience with the confirmed materials now translated to multiple languages for international use.

The training schedule includes:

Module Planned Availability
9100 Online Update ComponentNovember 30, 2016
9110 Online Update ComponentJanuary 10, 2017
9120 Online Update ComponentJanuary 10, 2017

Training Purchase and Completion Process
Once the training is released for purchase, notifications and instructions will be posted on the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) and sent to the various authenticated auditors within OASIS.

Through the purchase of the 9100 online module, individuals that have completed the Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT) course previously will access the IAQG Training site to complete the 2016 transition training. An ISO 9001:2015 pre-assessment is required with a passing score of 80 percent or higher to continue to the 9100:2016 Delta training. An "ungraded" comprehensive review upon completion of the training module reinforces the training topics within the Delta training. Included with the review is the opportunity to complete a practice assessment prior to progressing to the completion of the 9101 Delta module.

While the training development process has been very labor intensive, it would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our training partner Plexus International along with the many volunteers that participated in the training development, content reviews, testing and translation review activities.

Webinar Opportunities support the 9100 Transition and SCMH Guidance Materials

Through the Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH), multiple opportunities are available to enhance supply chain and personal knowledge during the transition to the 9100:2016. As a reminder, the SCMH is a collection of guidance material and best practices developed by IAQG subject matter experts to help the supply chain on various topics aimed at quality performance and improvement. Access to all SCMH material is free after completing a brief registration.

    Since the beginning of 2016, six new sections have been published or updated:

    • Product Entry into Service
    • Compliance Education - Phase 2 Additional Guidance Templates
    • Collection and Use of Shop Floor (Gemba) Input & Feedback
    • Work Transfer Revision
    • Project Management - Introduction
    • Measurement System Analysis - MSA - Introduction

    The SCMH includes more than 30 different sections and more than one hundred different documents. Additional sections are in progress with a target release date before the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017:

    • Product Safety Awareness
    • APQP Guidance Revision

    The IAQG regularly organizes free, one-hour webinars, allowing participants to have specific information regarding the SCMH materials. The schedule for upcoming webinars can be accessed at the Announcement page of the SCMH. If you are already a registered SCMH user, you will receive a notification of each webinar by e-mail.

    To support transition to the recently published IAQG standard AS/EN/JISQ 9100, new webinars are also being organized associated with transition planning. To find out more regarding these transition webinars, please visit the Announcement of the SCMH page.

OASIS Next Generation Complements 9100:2016 Standards

The Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database is the database used by IAQG stakeholders to obtain the latest Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) quality management system certification status. Information related to ICOP certifications, organization structure, aerospace auditor authentication and audit results data is stored within the database. The database is being updated to enhance functionality and future utilization as a report generation and management database. OASIS is recognized as an industry best practice tool and provides reliable ICOP certification information for organizations and their customers.

The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) is pleased to announce that, on 3 December 2016, the revised and enhanced database will be available. This initial release will include all existing database functionality, currently published ICOP certification results data, and will also include the following enhancements:
  • Certification Bodies (CBs) can plan audits and assign lead auditors
  • Aerospace auditors will complete all required 9101 Quality Management Systems - Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations audit report forms online
  • Online nonconformance management, including form issuance, tracking, online organization response and lead auditor acceptance
  • Improved guidance materials that are focused on the 'how to' and linked to specific database user roles
This enhanced functionality will be used for all audits conducted to the revised AS9100:2016 series quality management system standards. All future audits to prior revisions of the standards will be uploaded using the PDF file upload functionality.

The project objectives and schedule can be viewed on the IAQG website. Detailed user guidance material

Our goal is to continue communicating OASIS Next Gen information to our stakeholders. Additional communication is forthcoming as the launch date nears. The IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT) remains committed to the continual improvement of the ICOP Aviation, Space & Defense Quality Management System certification scheme.

Additional Standards Released in 2016

The IAQG publishes the 9100-series certification standards as well as standards to further improve the supply chain for quality, delivery, safety, and reductions in cost throughout the value stream. The following standards were released in 2016 to help the supply chain in achieving this objective:

9117 Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) provides a standard process that reduces the risk of escapes in the aviation, space and defense industry supply chain when the organization's product release verification has been delegated to a supplier.

9133 Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Products defines the process by which a manufacturer wishing to manufacture aviation, space, and defense standard products may obtain qualification approval from the controlling Certification Authority (CA).

9136 Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving (9S Methodology) standardizes methodology to perform root cause analysis and problem solving to support these efforts. The establishment of a common methodology, for use by organizations at all levels of the supply-chain, should result in improved action plans and a standardized way of exchanging information between organizations and external stakeholders (e.g., suppliers, partners, customers, regulatory agencies).

9145 Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process was created to define the aviation, space, and defense process requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). The APQP aspects of this standard define a methodology for ensuring that the product development processes deployed throughout the aviation, space, and defense industries are a fully-integrated, phased processes that extend from concept and design through manufacturing, process, planning and execution and on into product use, service, and customer feedback. The PPAP is an output of APQP confirming that the production process has demonstrated the potential to produce products that consistently fulfill all requirements at the customer demand rate.

9162 Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs is focused on standardizing, to the extent possible, operator self-verification practices in the aviation, space, and defense industry. Establishing common requirement practices should result in improved quality and safety, decreased costs and elimination or reduction of organization-unique requirements.

Copies of these publications can be found through your standards publisher and subscription services.

IAQG Members Recognized

IAQG member companies are the workforce in establishing Aerospace Quality Standards and other important activities of the IAQG. At the October 2016 IAQG meetings in Miami, the member companies and the individuals participating on their behalf, were recognized for bringing their vast experience and knowledge to the IAQG and developing standards for our industry. Awards were given in the following categories:
    Writing Team Awards: recognition of individuals for their invaluable contributions as members of writing teams developing industry standards

    10 & 15 Years of Service Award: recognition and appreciation of individuals for their dedication and support of advancing international aerospace quality

    Member Awards: recognition of IAQG leaders for their initiative, dedication and support of advancing international aerospace quality

IAQG October Meeting Highlights

During the week of 10 October 2016, IAQG members gathered to progress their projects and team activities. The week culminated in the General Assembly Meeting with 200+ in attendance. The focus of the week was on the 9100:2016 series transition and the required training support to launch the transition. Bill Schmiege, IAQG President from Parker Hannifin, opened the General Assembly confirming the sector leaders in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe as:
  • AAQG Leadership: Lockheed Martin represented by Milt Jacocks
  • APAQG Leadership: Kawasaki Heavy Industries represented by Naoki Kitamori
  • EAQG Leadership: BAE Systems represented by Andy Maher
Mr. Schmiege further reminded the attendees that the IAQG must focus on, "continuing to provide leadership in the Quality Management System arena for the Aviation, Space and Defense markets." He added that each member company must, "be mindful of the needs of our stakeholders as we seek to improve inefficient processes allowing us to be more agile and responsive to stakeholders."

Agenda topics covered various project progress, specifically highlighting updates regarding recent standard releases and a panel discussion with members of the standards writing team addressing questions from the audience. These updates were provided by the OPMT (Other Party Management Team) regarding the training and transition timeline and the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) Next Generation release.

Mr. Schmiege closed the meeting by thanking members for the hard work and contributions they are making to the success of the IAQG, which remains a industry volunteer-led organization.

APAQG Highlights New Member Companies

AS&D (Aerospace, Space and Defense) industries activity in the Asian region has been increasingly active, especially within the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) businesses. APAQG has been supporting and promoting expansion in those emerging markets while managing potential risks associated with an expanding market, supply chain and member countries.

To promote APAQG/IAQG activities in Bangalore India, February 2016, the India Road Show event was held.

Many participants showed strong interest in IAQG/APAQG activities. One significant result of the event included new Indian Members joining the APAQG, which has the third largest number of 9100 certification holders in the Asia Pacific region. APAQG now covers major AS&D players throughout the Asia Pacific region providing benefits to both APAQG and the new members through the sharing of information regarding quality, (such as AS9100 series requirements), guidance materials, ICOP, best practices and quality trends from global AS&D industries directly. The Indian members will contribute to standard development activities of IAQG as a member of APAQG, providing invaluable advantages for them to lead quality improvement activities throughout the region.

APAQG and the new Indian members will work together to build relationships with other AS&D industry companies in India through information sharing efforts on quality improvement activities. This collaboration between the APAQG and IAQG brings more robust opportunities to our industry as we achieve our mission and vision.

AAQG New Member Companies

PCC Aerostructures was confirmed as a new voting member in the Americas Sector of the IAQG during the AAQG Leadership and General Assemblies meetings held the week of 12 September 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. PCC Aerostructures is a Division of Precision Castparts Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products for critical industrial and aerospace applications. As a vertically integrated operator of manufacturing clusters spread across North America, Europe, and Asia, PCC Aerostructures offers comprehensive, multi-site solutions to meet customer needs.

Harold Finch, based in Wichita, Kansas, will serve as the AAQG Voting Member Representative.

Finch stated, "as a new member to the AAQG it allows us, PCC, the opportunity to help identify and bring solutions to today's aerospace problems working together with our colleagues, customers and regulatory bodies. In addition, participating in discussions and obtaining voting privileges allows PCC to enrich and educate our quality professionals, as well as to tap into the wider quality community in order to help raise the bar in the industry for not only ourselves but ultimately for our customers' satisfaction. In an ever increasing and demanding industry, you can either be a part of the solution or you get left behind and for PCC we want to be part of the solutions."

AAQG welcomes PCC Aerostructures and looks forward to working collaboratively to further drive improvements throughout the value stream of aerospace products & services.

EAQG Confirms New Leader

The EAQG recently confirmed Andy Maher, BAE Systems, as the leader of the EAQG sector succeeding Antonio Padin, Airbus. During the October IAQG General Assembly Andy recognized Antonio's leadership in progressing the work of the EAQG. Further, Andy commented that he has 'been involved with IAQG for almost three years and it never ceases to amaze me the caliber and talent of the people who are involved with the IAQG'. This is significant as the IAQG is a volunteer led organization that has matured over the past 20 years to provide international quality standards certification system. Andy further remarked that "Right now is a really important time for the IAQG to drive the most effective and efficient way to operate as well as ensuring we actively communicate with our stakeholders - whether this be aviation, defence or space authorities, our own member companies and our supply chains."

Key Recognitions in the Americas

Two key recognition awards were given during the AAQG General Assembly meeting held 13-14 September 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. On behalf of the AAQG Membership, Milt Jacocks, current AAQG Chair, presented Bill Schmiege, current President of IAQG, with a plaque for his outstanding leadership and contributions as outgoing Chair of AAQG.

Donald Buehler, President of Export Solutions, Inc., and formerly of GE Aviation, was recognized as the recipient of the annual Mike Gallagher Award.

The AAQG Leadership Team established the Mike Gallagher Award to honor the memory of Mike Gallagher and the tremendous impact he had on the aviation, space and defense industry. This award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves by making unique and outstanding contributions to our industry.

Mr. Buehler was chosen by his peers based on the significance of his contributions, the impact and influence he has had on the industry and recognition for his leadership qualities and depth of participation in furthering the objectives of the organization.

Previous AAQG Mike Gallagher Award Winners include:
  • 2015 Dale Gordon, ANAB
  • 2014 Tim Lee, The Boeing Company
  • 2013 Colin Clark, Bombardier
  • 2012 Richard J. Downs, Textron Aviation
  • 2011 Michael C. Roberts, The Boeing Company
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