IAQG 9147 - Aerospace Series - Unsalvageable items management - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

This document standardizes unsalvageable item management program requirements to the greatest extent possible and can be used at all levels of the supply chain by organizations around the world to mitigate the risk to use unsalvageable items within aviation, space, and defense products and therefore to improve and ensure the performance, reliability and safety of these products. The standard provides the following potential benefits:
  • Standardizes unsalvageable management program requirements.
  • Collect from aviation, space, and defense industry best practices and guidance.
  • Increase product quality and safety.
  • Achieve cost savings thanks to unsalvageable item reclassifications.
  • Reduce waste / environmental footprint by fostering rework, repair, and reclassification.
  • Protect companies' intellectual property by preventing reverse engineering on the scrapped items.
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