General Assembly

  • The IAQG General Assembly sets the policy, purpose and objectives of the organization and drives initiatives to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. There are twenty-seven Full Members:
    • Ten from the Americas
    • Ten from Europe
    • Seven from Asia-Pacific

  • The IAQG General Assembly is responsible for
    • Always act in the best interests of the IAQG Member companies as a whole rather than in the interests of a specific sector or company.
    • Define the direction, purpose and objectives of the IAQG
    • Approve the Rules of Procedure and ensure its requirements are implemented
    • Through the Strategy Working Group ensure that proposed initiatives are developed and submitted for General assembly approval to achieve the IAQG objectives.
    • Review and approve or reject initiatives proposed by the Strategy Working Group and ensure required resources are available to enable successful implementation.
    • Ensure effective communication to and from the Trade Associations, National Authorities and Governments.

  • General Assembly Meetings
    • The Executive Committee will decide when General Assembly Meetings will be held; meetings will normally be hosted by one of the companies represented in the General assembly.
    • All IAQG Members (Voting Members and IAQG Members at Large) and members of sub teams can participate in IAQG General Assembly meetings

  • Decision Making
    • All General Assembly decisions should be taken by consensus. Where this is not possible, 2/3 of the Full Members must be in favor of the proposal for it to be passed and 4/5 for the approval of any amendment to the Articles, Rules of Procedure, or a decision on the dissolution or liquidation of the IAQG.

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