Other Party Assessor Sanctioned Training

The IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT) has established globally harmonized training for all Other Party (OP) Assessors. One of the strategic objectives of the IAQG OPMT is to enhance the competency of Auditors, Other Party (OP) Assessors and stakeholders that are engaged in ICOP activities. The sanctioned OP Assessor training is part of this initiative and is an essential part of the qualification process for anyone from an IAQG member company that wishes to conduct oversight assessment as part of the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) certification scheme.

Listed below are the three pre-course self-learning modules that are mandatory for all participants to review before the face-to-face training. If you are scheduled to attend OP Assessor Training, please ensure that you download and study these modules prior to attending the training.

Module 1: Welcome and Introduction to the IAQG
Module 2: Introduction to the ICOP Process
Module 3: Communication and Instructions for the face-to-face Training

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