Other Party Management Team

The IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT) is a global, industry-controlled, oversight committee chartered to manage the Industry-Controlled Other Party (ICOP) process for certification of organizations to the 9100 series of AQMS standards.


The goal of the OPMT is to improve the quality level and assure QMS implementation throughout the aerospace supply chain.

The Other Party Scheme is based on:

  • The use of identical or equivalent international, sector and national standards based on the 9104/1/2/3 trilogy of standards
  • An industry oversight system at international, sector and national levels to ensure that scheme's requirements are fulfilled
  • Auditors authenticated against identical requirements
  • All information related to the scheme is collected in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database


OASIS Feedback Process

Certification Structure Guidance Materials and Complex Certification Structure Review Requirements


OP Assessor Training Information

Other Party Management Leader: Susie Neal - UTC Aerospace Systems (susie.neal@utas.utc.com)

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