The purpose of this stream is to Collect, analyze, and report performance metrics on the aerospace supply chain.


  • The stream substantiates the ultimate goal of IAQG to drive a 20% performance improvement per year in the aerospace supply chain.
  • The stream scope is the aerospace supply chain as a whole as defined by IAQG members


The IAQG periodically collects suppliers’ performance data from its members in order to publish a Performance Index once a year.

The two performance features currently being collected for this IAQG supplier performance study are the Item Escape Rate (IER) and On Time Delivery (OTD).

Suppliers are sorted by technology segments and these two parameters are followed years after years. The link between performance and various features of suppliers are emphasized to guide IAQG in establishing effective standards.

IAQG Performance Presentation October 2015
IAQG Performance Report 2015


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