Update Communications
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Below is a list of update communications related to OASIS enhancement or processes.

Date Description
2015 Aug 4 OASIS Change: 9101E Form 1 Business Percentage Breakdown Table Addition
2014 Sept 11 OASIS Change Related to Export Control
2013 Oct 16 OASIS Enhancements: Partial Assessments, Additional Online Reporting Capabilities, ASRP and CAAT Approvals for CB's, Audit Plan Uploads, CC to Supplier for CSD Feedback
2013 April 11 OASIS Feedback Enhancements
2012 Oct 04 OASIS Changes - Special Audits, Certificate Transfers, and Feedback Closure Options
2012 May 03 Auditor Authentication Alert Process Modification
2012 Feb 02 OASIS Enhancements Associated With 9104-1
2012 Jan 03 OASIS Assessment Modification Approval Process
2012 Jan 03 Adding Supplier Admin Access Setting and Admin Emails to Organization Watch List Download
2011 Oct 17 OASIS Modification to Enable Organization Watch List and Supplier Change Notifications
2011 July 06 Allow Group Sharing of Feedback Information with Multiple Users
2011 June 20 Manage Auditor Type (AEA/AA) for each Authentication
2010 Oct 7 OASIS Enhancements
2010_May_20 Oasis Enhancements - New 9100/9101 Standard, Number of Employees and Audit Days, Feedback Filter Options
2010_Jan_7 Supplemental Rules for Transition To 2009 AQMS Standards
2009_Dec_3 Auditor Authentication Bodies (AAB) added to OASIS
2009_Dec_3 Certificate Exclusions added to OASIS
2009_Dec_3 Feedback Process for Auditor Authentication Bodies (AAB) added to OASIS
2009_Feb_10 IAQG Communication - IAQG Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) Update
2009_Jan_29 OASIS Enhancement - Changes Affecting CB's and NAB's
2008_July_11 OASIS Process - CB Uploading Assessment Report
2008_May_20 OASIS Process - Assignment of Supplier OASIS Identification Number (OIN)
2008_May_16 OASIS Process - Suppliers manage their own contact information
2008_Jan_31 OASIS Process - Tracking Lead Auditor
2007_May_24 OASIS Enhancement - Feedback Application
2007_Jan_19 OASIS Process - CRB Data Entry Feedback
2006_Oct_26 OASIS Process - CRB Training For Revised Cert/Assessment Data Entry Process
2006_June_4 OASIS Process - CRB's Entering Recertifications
2005_Nov_28 OASIS Enhancement - Change Summary Availability and Expired Certification Extensions
2005_Aug_30 OASIS Enhancement - Change Summary - Notification To IAQG Members
2005_May_10 OASIS Process - Changing Issuing CRB's
2005_Jan_31 OASIS Enhancement - Supplier Summary Download Availability - Notification To Members
2005_Jan_31 OASIS Enhancement - Printed Certs in OASIS - Notification To CRBs
2004_Nov_30 OASIS Enhancement - Suppliers Control Access to ARS and Scoring Data - Notification To IAQG Members
2004_Nov_30 OASIS Enhancement - Suppliers Control Access to ARS and Scoring Data - Notification To Suppliers