The Role of the Expert Witness in Product Liability Litigation 92054

Note: Last day of class ends at approximately 1:00 pm

According to the Federal Rules of Evidence, an expert witness is anyone who can assist the trier of fact (the jury) in understanding any issue in dispute at trial. The witness' ability to give this assistance can be derived from any specialized training, education, background, or experience. To be effective in providing this assistance, however, requires that the expert witness understand the true role that he or she is to play both before and at the trial.

This seminar will address the critical issues that every person who may be, has been, or is, an expert witness must understand to assist both the attorney and the product manufacturer, regardless of which side the expert serves.

Learning Objectives

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Employ the risk/utility balancing process necessary for effectively addressing the issue of design defect
  • Recognize the critical elements that govern the interaction between human behavior and product behavior
  • Apply the technical/legal elements that will enhance your effectiveness as an expert witness

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for anyone who is or may become an expert witness in product liability litigation. In-house experts typically have engineering, engineering management or field technician responsibilities. In addition, insurers, risk managers, corporate product safety personnel, attorneys and those who manage product liability litigation will benefit from insight into selecting and using expert services and witnesses more effectively and efficiently.


"I think this course should be attended by all engineering managers and their bosses. It is critical that they understand these aspects of the legal system."
F.C. Kucklick
F.C. Kucklick, Inc.

"Provides practical guidance to the expert witness - a most effective presentation."
Roger F. Joyce
Vice President - Engineering
The Bilco Company

"Excellent program for people new to the expert witness position."
Charley Sunderhaus
Risk/Technical Liaison Manager
OPW Fueling Components

"Great seminar with knowledgeable instructors. Legal understanding that every engineer should have."
Jason Bilbrey
Senior Project Engineer
Delphi Corporation


You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

(Day two ends at 1:00 p.m.)
  • The Legal Framework of Negligence and Strict Liability
  • The Relationship Between the Attorney and the Potential Expert Witness
  • Investigation of an Accident Years After an Occurrence
  • Developing the Background Necessary to Understand the Product and its Environment
  • Understanding How to Allege or Refute the Existence of a Product Defect
  • Analyzing the Role of Human Behavior and its Relationship to the Cause of an Accident
  • Guidelines for Effective Presentation Before Trial and on the Witness Stand
  • The seminar will also include overnight problem assignments and a demonstration of direct and cross-examination of an expert witness.
Charles F. Seyboldt

Mr. Charles Seyboldt has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Law. Since 2003 he has been acquiring experience in the transportation industry, having engineering responsibilities covering a broad range of product and manufacturing technologies. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a registered patent agent.

Duration: 1.5 Days

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