Electrohydraulic Servovalves in Flight Control and Utility Actuators C1303

Topics: Quality, Safety & Maintenance

This four-hour short course intends to present an overview of electrohydraulic flow control servovalves commonly used in flight control and utility actuators. The scope of this course covers the history and design of servovalves, as well as their most common performance characteristics. This course will provide participants an understanding of the application of electrohydraulic servovalves in hydraulically powered actuators and preparation of the servovalve procurement specification.

Learning Objectives

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize differences between various types of electrohydraulic servovalves.
  • Understand terminology specific to electrohydraulic servovalves.
  • Identify key performance characteristics.
  • Evaluate effects of the servovalve characteristics on performance of a control actuator.
  • Prepare design specification for electrohydraulic servovalve.


This seminar is designed for engineers and other key personnel involved in the design and specification of hydraulically powered flight and utility control actuation systems including fluid power, electrical, and systems engineering disciplines and those involved with aircraft certification. In addition, this seminar will benefit other key personnel desiring an understanding of power distribution through electrically powered valves and aircraft actuation systems.

You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

  • Overview of Electrohydraulic Servovalves
    • History of development of servovalves
    • Control function (flow vs. pressure control)
    • Architecture (single vs. two-stage)
  • Servovalve Specific Terminology
    • Electrical characteristics
    • Steady-state performance characteristics
    • Dynamic performance characteristics
  • Specification Considerations
    • Typical Requirements
    • Effects of tolerances
    • Test methods and equipment
    • Quality assurance considerations
Roman Simkin

Mr. Simkin has been involved with the design and development of electrohydraulic servovalves since 1988. Born in Ukraine, he received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Technical University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since 1998, Mr. Simkin has been employed at Abex and Parker Aerospace working in electrohydraulic servovalves design. He has held various engineering positions, including key positions in the development of the servovalves for Airbus A330/340 and A380, Boeing 717, 777 and 747-8, EMB 170/190 and 505, DHC8-400, ARJ-21, MRJ and more. He has participated in the SAE A-6 committee meetings starting in 1998 and is currently the Secretary of the A-6B1 Hydraulic Servo Actuation panel. Mr. Simkin has sponsored the latest revision of the SAE ARP490-Electrohydraulic Servovalves.

Duration: .5 Day
CEUs: .4

Fees: $299.00

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