System Engineering and Strategic Program Management for the Aviation Industry C1631

Topics: Quality, Safety & Maintenance

This seminar is offered in China only and presented in Mandarin Chinese. The course materials are bilingual (English and Chinese).

The course directly addresses improved aircraft system design tools and processes, which, when implemented will significantly contribute to simpler, lower cost and even safer airplanes that meet customer quality demands. Adding value to the high-leveraged area of Design (Reducing design by involving manufacturing) — which is what this course does — can start to reverse the current trend (overrun and long delay) and help Aircraft companies be more profitable.


Learning Objectives


By attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to measure and manage an aircraft program from the beginning to the end.
  • 描述如何衡量和管理一个完整的飞机研发项目。
  • Determine all essential input, process, and output requirements from planning to test.
  • 确定从规划到测试过程中所有的必要输入、流程和输出需求。
  • Learn how to simplify the design process through production from planning to execution.
  • 学习从规划到执行过程中如何通过生产简化设计流程。
  • Acquire the lifecycle strategy using Integrated Master Plan/Schedule (IMP/IMS).
  • 通过综合总体规划/计划(IMP/IMS),学习生命周期策略。
  • Identify all the Influences of the cost drivers on People, Product and Process.
  • 识别所有成本动因的影响,包括人员、产品和流程(P3)。

Who Should Attend


This seminar will benefit individuals having responsibilities in: System engineering, project management, design, testing & validation, and also high level managers in Aviation industry.


The minimum level of education required should be a BS degree in the scientific and/or engineering field and at least two years of working experience in the aerospace industry.


You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.



  • Introduction to The Aircraft System Engineering and Manager Course
  • 飞机系统工程和经理课程简介
    • Aircraft System Engineering Definition and Processes
    • 飞机系统工程的定义和流程
  • Aircraft Systems Integration Plan and Test Strategy
  • 飞机系统集成计划和测试策略
    • Developmental/Unit Test & Integration
    • 开发/单元测试与集成
    • Subsystem Test and Integration
    • 子系统测试与集成
    • Item Qualification Testing
    • 单项资格测试
    • System Integration and Testing
    • 系统集成和测试
    • Installation and Checkout Testing
    • 安装和检验测试
    • System Detail Test & Evaluation (Flight Test)
    • 系统详细测试与验证(飞行测试)
    • Operational Test & Evaluation
    • 操作测试与验证
    • Aircraft System Engineering and Manager Plan and Execute Aircraft System Engineering and Manager Team Plan
    • 飞机系统工程和经理计划、执行飞机系统工程和经理团队计划
    • Aircraft Systems Engineering and Manager Execution Strategy
    • 飞机系统工程和经理执行策略
  • System Engineering and System Integration
  • 系统工程和系统集成
    • Integrated Master Plan/Schedule (IMP/IMS)
    • 综合总体规划/计划(IMP/IMS)
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
    • 工作分解结构(WBS)和产品分解结构(PBS)
    • Integration Management (Execution)
    • 集成管理(执行)
  • Aircraft System Engineering and Manager High Performance
  • 飞机系统工程和经理高绩效
    • Aircraft System Engineering and Manager Team Communication
    • 飞机系统工程和经理团队联络
  • Aircraft Systems Engineering and Manager People, Product and Process (P3) Implementation
  • 飞机系统工程与经理人、产品和流程实施
    • System Engineering and Management Strategy of P3
    • 系统工程和P3管理策略
    • Trade Studies and Knowledge Management towards Capability Building
    • 贸易研究与能力建设的知识管理
    • Risk Management and Supplier Management
    • 风险管理和供应商管理
    • Summary and Conclusion
    • 课程总结
Richard (Rich) Sheng

Rich is currently an Oversea Expert/Senior Technical Fellow for The COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and his main job functions are strategic planning for organizational development, capability building, performance measurement, system engineering, system integration, and training course development. Since 1998, Rich has worked in Project Management, Proposal Development, System Engineering, Quality Management, Information Technology, and Software Engineering fields. Rich has published six papers in the Journal of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the International Conference of Civil Engineering. He had his three research models patented and copyrighted in 1978, 1994, and 2010. He is also a nationally certified Malcolm Baldrige judge and examiner, specializing in Processes and Strategic Planning; served on California State Baldrige Quality Examiner Board. Rich also speaks fluent Mandarin and English and has good communication skills in both writing and speaking. Recently he has become China National 1000 Plan Expert and also Shanghai 1000 Plan Expert in the Science and Technology field.

Duration: 0 Day
CEUs: 2.0

Format: Classroom

Event ID: 7350

Location: Shanghai, China

Session Info:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Fees: $824.00

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