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Fluids for Aerospace Hydraulic Systems C1966

This four-hour short course provides an introduction to fluids for aerospace hydraulic systems. Topics covered include an introduction to basics fluid properties, rheology, tribology, and fluid product development. In addition, the history and performance of different classes of fluids are discussed in detail, and specific failure modes such as erosion and sludge formation will be described. Along with an introduction to fluid degradation, information on used oil analysis test methods and interpretation will be provided.

Learning Objectives
By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Describe the general properties and components of a fluid
  • Interpret a fluid specification or report
  • Identify key performance advantages and disadvantages for different fluid types
  • Explain fluid degradation processes
A basic knowledge of hydraulic systems will be beneficial. Some elementary knowledge of chemistry and chemical structures will also be helpful, but is not required.
Topical Outline for Half Day:
  • Fundamentals of fluid lubricants
    • Basic physical properties
    • Functions of a lubricant
    • General lubricant compositions
    • Basic lubricant rheology and tribology
  • Aviation hydraulic fluids
    • Fluid development process
    • General qualification procedures
    • Types of aviation lubricants
  • Hydrocarbon hydraulic fluids
    • History and applications
    • Key specifications and products
    • Performance advantages and disadvantages
    • Failure modes
  • Phosphate ester hydraulic fluids
    • History and applications
    • Key specifications and products
    • Performance advantages and disadvantages
    • Failure modes, including erosion
  • Silicon-based hydraulic fluids
    • History and applications
    • Key products
    • Performance advantages and disadvantages
    • Failure modes
  • Oil degradation and used oil analysis
    • Chemical kinetics of degradation
    • Key used oïl tests and their significance
David A. Racke

Dr. David Racke is a research associate at ExxonMobil Research & Engineering, Lubricants Technology. He currently leads the development group for aviation and industrial lubricants, and is the lead chemist for aviation hydraulic fluid development and testing. He is an active participant on several technical committees for aviation hydraulics, including SAE International and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Dr. Racke received a BS in Chemistry from Hillsdale College, and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Arizona.

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.4 CEUs
You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

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Duration: 1 Day
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